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Best online casino- Yes8sg is about to surprise their fans with ChelseaJersey Giveaway campaign

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Singapore: Yes8sgis planning to organize a big Christmas Celebration event with Chelsea wherethey are going to distribute Jersey Giveaway in the campaign on the dateDecember 2019. All the interested people are only qualified for the campaignafter successfully depositing the amount decided for the program. Also, 3 wellknown KOL’s as the Yes8sg ambassador will share a video post on their onlinesocial media accounts coving the people who will receive the jersey during theevent. Each of the KLO’s will be granted by a unique reference ID which willact as a referral in front of the customers and the ID will be provided by theorganizers.


Yes8sg and Chelsea are partnered with each other for alonger span of time now. And this partnership is creating a great buzz in thetown for its upcoming event which will be hosted by both the parties. Thisevent is going to cover some of the really interesting and fun activities inorder to attract more and more audience towards it. Surely, both of thealliances are about to mark the history on the grounds of growth for theircompanies after conducting this event.

Some of the highlights of the event which can attract thegreater population towards the campaign are mentioned here-

  • The event planners have decided to provide thegiveaways to some of the lucky attendees of the event
  • The event will be covered by some of the popularKey Opinion Leaders
  • This Christmas eve will be celebrated by boththe parties together at one venue with lots of audiences which loves their playwith them- Yes8sg or love to watch themplaying- Chelsea
  • There are many people who are about to attendthe event along with 3 very popular KOL’s
  • A great on the spot interactive session inbetween the audience and Chelsea and Yes8sg have been planned

Thus overall it seems a really great event and perfectly suits the date- Christmas Eve 2019. The Key opinion leaders who are supposed to join the event are- Wenxian , sabee, and Tzeqian. They are most prominent face online as well offline thus they have been deliberately called up to join the event for a purpose. They are those influencers and marketers who have a huge follower list back their on their online platforms.

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Yes8sg Icebabby

Wenxian Huang, Sabee, and Tzeqian run popular Instagram account- wenxian1015_, sabee996 and Tzeqian_c.c respectively. The video will shot at the time when the KOL’s will be distributing the giveaways and that captured video will be further disseminated via their official Instagram handles. This can really help in sharing the details and all the information regarding the event to the targeted audience to a greater extent.


The people who are joining the event from the audience sidewill be lucky enough to receive some of the attractive giveaways. They will begetting a jersey of Chelsea Football club by the KLOs. Also, some of the luckyattendees can also get goodies offered by both the association- Chelsea andYes8sg: Online casino Singapore.


According to the sources, this event will also be coveredother famous personalities including some of the players of the Chelseafootball club. Thus, it is a great chance for all the Chelsea FC lovers to meettheir favorite football players without investing much. Some of the specialguests will also have a conversation with them during the interaction sessionsas prearranged by both the organizers.

The event-related news will be live on the social mediaaccounts thus the people who are preoccupied with the event date can enjoy theevent virtually. Both Yes8sg the online gambling casino and the Chelseafootball club will disclose about the event highlights via their Instagram,Facebook, etc. The event will be way more than giveaways celebrations. But theattendees will also witness some of the amazing performances which willentertain them in the whole event.

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