White Label Online Casino

White Label Online Casino

марта 11 2021

White Label Online Casino

White label casinos, are – today – more common than ever before, and more and more operators are choosing to use white label solutions rather than forking out the time and financials associated with setting up a new, individual branch.
In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at what white label casinos are, how they operate, and what the main differences are between independent casinos and white labels. Let’s begin by taking a look at what white label casinos actually are.

Using our online white label casino software, you can easily earn brand reputation in the online casino industry. Various white label casino game solutions are designed and developed at our gaming studio, which include dedicated game solutions, live dealer solutions, sports book solutions along with their respective variants. A white label casino is the fastest way to launch your online gambling business, and you can do it today. At its core, a white label casino is a turn-key online casino software, which comes loaded with casino games, payment methods, multi-platform support, and more.

What is a White Label Casino?

LCB offer a great insight into what white label means – and you can read their explanation below:
“The term is referring to a service or a product produced by a company, which is then supplied wholesale to another company, which in turn, sees the product being rebranded as their own – with both parties then taking a cut…
…White labels are a common online franchise and seem to be the perfect way to start an online casino business. Experienced developers within the iGaming industry set up the white label, who then sell it onto a third party.
The third party is then solely responsible for the marketing for that casino brand, but this may come with no support or management – depending on the deal.”
A white label casino works using this exact principle – and it’s basically a pre-set casino platform that has all of the functionality and facilities ready to go. A company who want to create a white label casino simply need to pay a fee to the white label company, and they then get to put their branding on the casino technology. Users of the site will not immediately know it’s a white label casino.

Why Operators Choose White Label Casinos

There are a number of reasons why operators tend to choose white label casinos as opposed to starting up their own site – and below, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common reasons why.
Licensing: Perhaps the biggest benefit of white label casino solutions is the fact that operators do not need to apply for their own gambling license. Doing so is often an expensive, drawn-out process, and when an operator chooses to work through a white label casino, they attach onto their license, instead.
Fast Setup Times: When you launch a white label casino, the framework is already built. Aside from a few branding bits and bobs, the entire website is ready to go, and this saves new operators from having to build their own site from scratch. White labels can launch in as little as a few weeks, and because everything is already done, the only real thing to worry about is marketing and player-acquisition.
Easy Management: Many white label solutions offer not just the website, but also customer support, payment processing, and more. This means operators can get started – offering their services – far quicker than they would be able to otherwise, and it means new white labels can get up and running – and maintain their casino operation – easily and quickly.

Benefits of White Label Casinos

Take a look at what Melior Games say about the benefits of white label casinos:
“The most annoying and nerve-racking part of any business is obviously the beginning. Opening a new business takes investments, commitment, motivation and most importantly time, because you need time to develop and craft your product, while also keeping an eye on the budget and thinking about risks and potential failures. This is a huge dilemma for software companies – should we spend a year developing unique apps or just find somebody to do it for us and start business in a week? Believe it or not, but the second option is extremely popular. You probably would be surprised to find out that thousands of apps and games are not even made by the so called ‘creators’, but are claimed to be their own. There’s nothing criminal about it – white labeling is a perfectly legit business practice that involves selling blank or custom made casino software and giving companies the opportunity to brand them as their own. Why do companies choose to buy ready-made software instead of developing their own? Well, there is a whole spectrum of reasons, the most obvious indicator is money and time.”

Of course, the benefits don’t end there – and they serve as the perfect way for operators to launch themselves into the casino sphere, in as little time as possible. However, it’s not all good news – and there are downsides to white labels, as you can see below.

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Downsides of White Label Casinos

As with anything in life, there are some downsides associated with white label casinos, and one of the biggest, and most prominent is the high revenue share that many white label solutions require.
Because white label solutions often offer extremely low start-up prices, they need to make their revenue from somewhere – and most choose to use a revenue sharing approach. This means that operators will pay a percentage of their earnings to the white label solution, and over time, this can be bad news, as it can represent a fair chunk of their profits.
In order to combat this, white label casinos will generally ramp up their marketing efforts. This is because acquiring new players is a top-priority for them. Generally speaking, white label casinos need to attract more players than conventional, standalone casinos in order to stay level.
Another downside of white label casinos – from the operators point of view – is that they may have limited control over the casino. For example, most white label solution providers will require operators to process all their payments through them – and this is because of the licensing requirements that the white label provide is responsible for.


While, admittedly, there are downsides to running a white label casino, generally speaking they’re a pretty good way for new operators to penetrate the online gambling market. Without white label solutions, the marketplace would likely be overcome with big name brands; newer, smaller operations would probably struggle to enter the market, due to the highs costs involved.

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White label casinos are definitely growing in popularity, and it’s likely – especially given the increasing costs associated with running an online casino – we’ll see more white label sites opening up in the future. Whether certain regulators may look to clamp down on white label casinos one day (due to potential issues with license sharing) remains to be seen, but as of now, it’s a legal, and simple way for operators to start-up a new casino operation, and it seems to be working well!

by Rustam Jabiyev

Posted on May 15th, 2020

A white label solution for online casinos is a software developed by other companies to sell the product. The company that buys this solution takes all the intellectual property rights and starts using it under their name. There are various reasons why so many online gambling platforms prefer having white label online casino software. For instance, by employing white label solution, you can set aside the technical part regarding the development, functionality, and focus more on the marketing aspect. While starting an online casino business, these aspects need to be thoroughly analyzed, and the final result should be efficient. You need to choose your priorities according to the necessities.

On the other hand, the speedy launching process of your online casino through white-label software offers you the freedom and peace of mind while getting into one of the most competitive industries. To survive in this industry, you need to comply with all the market requirements and start making big moves. Make sure to access the secure gaming license and payment methods after you are done with the website design and all that. For solving these aspects, it is argued that white label online casino software solutions are the best. So, let’s find out.

Why choose white label online casino software?

There are various paths that you can take to build an online gambling platform. As you may probably know, it is hard to succeed in this industry because of the competition. Some companies want to do their own thing and start developing casino content software etc. Others buy casino content from various providers, integrate payment systems, and finally meet regulatory standards by acquiring a gaming license, which is both costly and hard to get. What do you think? Which of the options is more feasible from a starter standpoint.

When you have little or no experience in this field, the failure rate is very high, and it is risky to start your online casino brand from scratch as every minor error will negatively affect your business. The easier option for those people is to partner with experienced companies that can deliver great results. Here comes the white label online casino software that is a great solution for amateur entrepreneurs who would like to enter the online gambling stage. Let’s try to display the main advantages that one can get by employing a white label casino solution.

Time tested Gaming Platform

Online casino operators need to focus on many aspects to be successful. That includes, games, functionality, speed of the website, and other technical issues. By getting a white label solution, you will manage to eliminate most of these issues quickly. As a casino owner, you need to do a little research about the industry and white label casino software providers. Depending on the needs of your online casino brand, you will choose the most effective and cost-efficient software available on the market. It is a massive advantage that one could ever ask for. You will be free from technical concerns while applying a white label solution for your online casino platform. Thus, it will be easier for you to focus on aspects such as marketing your product and branding.


A wide selection of online casino games from top-level providers

Most of the time, people think that white-label online casino software comes ready and cannot change anything on the interface. Frankly speaking, it is not true; you have the freedom to customize white label solutions to some degree. You will have a chance to integrate casino games that you think would be interesting for gamers to play. Although white label casinos come with online casino games, you still have the choice to change and improve that website. Imagine that you start your gambling platform with white label casino software, and after some years, you decide to include sports and live betting functions. It is perfectly fine to add those assets with white label casino software. That is not the only benefit regarding the interface and online casino games.

The games that white label casino software provides are coming from top-level providers in the industry. These include Playtech, Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Evolution, IGT, Real Time Gaming, and more. It is great to have a variety of choices in the gambling site regarding the games. So, players would love to enjoy games from various providers at the same place. None of the casino operators wants to knock the door of game providers and sign various contracts with them. By getting a white label solution, you will eliminate this phase and have access to all those games without any complication. The full ready-packed product will save you time and money and help you with speedy delivery and faster implementation.

Easy Access to the Gaming Licenses

If you are new to the industry, it is perfectly fine to not have a piece of information about regulations. Though you need to learn the legalities of the regions that you want to target. The gambling license is a very crucial aspect, and you need to pay close attention to that. Otherwise, you will face several issues from governmental agencies. Some questions concern all the possible online gambling platform operators. For example

White Label Online Casino

  • What are the requirements for getting a gambling license in specific regions?
  • Is it that difficult to get a license?
  • Will I secure it or not?
  • Cost of the license?
  • How much time should you wait for that license?

It is not easy to secure an online gambling license, especially from well-known and respected jurisdictions. By employing a license from your white label software provider, you can manage to start working right away.

Variety of front end templates to select

It is a hard task to build a website from scratch, especially if it is an online gambling platform. Creating a brand new website interface will take your time and resources. If you do not have much time and want to start your business for reaching out to your target audience, the best choice is to choose the white label online casino software solution. This casino games software will provide you with various front end templates that can be easily converted. You can work on those templates and customize them for your needs and preferences. This will help you to reduce the time and cost of building a gambling platform.

White Label Online Casino

White Label Online Casino No Deposit

Final Thoughts

White Label Online Casino Poker

There are obvious advantages of employing a white label online casino software for your business. They solve many technical issues and help you to eliminate those factors so that you can focus on other aspects. Keep in mind that building a gambling website is the first step in your long gambling business journey. You need to make sure that you have a strong online presence as well as intelligent marketing tactics to involve more and more players in your system. If you provide a better gaming experience for your audience, more people will visit your site and enjoy your games. So, that is why partnering with an experienced online casino software provider for acquiring the white label solutions can be great for that.

White Label Online Casino

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