Top Rtp Slots 2020

Top Rtp Slots 2020

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Top Rtp Slots 2020

There is only really one thing you need to know when choosing just which slot machines to play, and that is the RTP of each slot, for that is going to give you a very good insight into whether you are likely to have a long slot playing session or a very short one.

Best Online Slots 2020. Internationally awarded with the title “Best Slots Site 2019” Top Online Slots listed since 2001; As featured on BBC, The Independent, Forbes and NY Times. Alaskan Fishing by Microgaming is the least ranked slot on our list of the top 15 slots with the highest RTP available on Spinzwin Casino. This video slot comes with 243 ways to win with winning combinations achieved when players match up symbols from left to right on adjacent reels. The top of this list belongs to Lucky Riches Hyperspins, a game that boasts one of the highest RTP rates in 2020. This year, it also became one of the most popular Microgaming slots, available across all casinos that work with the company.

However, I do know and fully understand that it can get very confusing for first time and even some experienced slot players to get their heads around what RTP’s are and how they can and will affect the type of slot playing experience you will have, and that why I strongly advise you to read through the following guide.

Below you will find out everything there is to need to know about slot machines RTP’s, and once you know which slots do payback more than any other slot, then you will have some of the best slot playing experiences when playing those slot games.

Best RTP Slots


What Does RTP Stand For?

The very first thing you will need to know is just what does RTP stand for, and it simply means Return to Player, and is a vital piece of information for anybody that is thinking about playing real money slot machines in any playing environment.

The RTP of each slot is going to let you know just how much of all players combined stake money played through any slot machines is paid back out to players as winning pay-outs, and the figure will be presented to players as a percentage.

It is important for you to fully understand however that the RTP of any slot machine is how much that slot machine will pay back over the long term, and bot the short term, and that therefore means that when playing any slot you could win or lose, and whether you will or not will be determined at random by the random number generator each slot machine has attached to it or built into it.

Many players will simply call the RTP of a slot machine the pay-out percentage, it is both the same thing, and the savviest players are of course going to be looking for that important information when they are playing at any casino site or on any casino app, for it will give them a true insight into just which slot machines are going to pay back more to players over the long term.

Each slot machine as mentioned is completely random, so never expect to achieve the exact RTP a slot machine has been set to pay-out to players on any one single session, as you would achieve a much lower one or a much higher one, dependent on just how lucky you are when playing.

So you now know just what RTP stands for, let me now pass onto you another very vital piece of information and that is just where to look to find the RTP’s of any slot machines you fancy playing, as they can be listed or published in one of many different places.

Where Can I Find Slot Machine’s RTP?

You will of course have to have some idea of just where to look to find the all-important pay-out percentages of any slot machines that you are thinking of playing, and with that in mind allow me to point you in the right direction as to where most casinos and slot game providers list their slot machine pay-out percentages.

Top Rtp Slots 2020

The first place that you will often find the RTP of each slot machine is on the pay table of that slot, so give the pay table button a click and look there. If you do not find it listed on a slot games pay table then look at the help files attached to the slot as that is often where some players prefer listing their slot machine RTP.

Failing that you should take a look over the casino sites website at the casino site that you are thinking about playing slot games at, as many Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities now force their license holder to list the pay-out percentages of every single slot machine that they have on offer on their respective websites, so that is somewhere else that you should be looking or that information.

How to Work Out the Single Session RTP You Achieved

If you want to work out what pay-out percentage you achieved when playing slot machines then you will be surprised at just how easy it is to do just that, you simply need to know how much you wagered when playing any one slot, and how much you won on that slot too during the course of your session.

Simply divide your winnings, that being the amount you were paid out during any one single slot playing session by the total amount you wagered on that session, and then do one of two things.

If you answer begins with a zero followed by a decimal point, then remove the zero and that decimal point and the first two digits you have left is your pay-out percentage of that session.

But if you end up with a number that begins with anything higher in value than a zero, for example 1 then remove just the decimal point from your answer and the first three digits you are left with is the pay-out percentage for that session, so for example 0.88992 would be an RTP of 88% and 1.9373 would be payout percentage of 193%, it is as simple as that to work out RTP’s.

Why Do Slot Machines Have Different RTP’s?

It is purely based on the way that a slot machine has been designed as to just what pay-out percentage it will be offering you over the long term, and as you have already found out and will continue to do when you look around this website, slot machines can be both low and high RTP’s.

Slot designers do have to take a lot of things into account when they are designing any new slot machines, such as the base game winning pay-outs that slot will be offering players and also the winning pay-outs that can be achieved via any bonus games and bonus features too.

But I do think that it is very safe and fair to say that the forward thinking slot machine designers are always going to be designing slot machines that have higher than average payout percentages, as players will like the way they win regularly when playing those slots.

However, a casino operator may have their own ideas as to just how much they want to offer by way of RTP’s on their slot machines, which is often why you will find some casinos offering slots with lower RTP’s than other casinos.

Can Casino Operators Adjust RTP on Their Slot Games?

It is all down to just which slot machine designers have supplied the slot games and slot machines at any casino site as to whether the operators of those casino can adjust and alter the RTP attached and on offer on their range of slot machines.

It is often the case regarding online and mobile slot machines that there will be serval different versions of those slot games available which whilst identical to look at will have one of usually three or four different RTP.

Jackpot city log in. So it is perfectly feasible an possible that a casino operator will adjust the payout percentage son their slot machines, so that is something that you should be making a point of finding out based on just where you wish to play slot machines.

Land based casino operators do have as much control over the RTP on their slot machines as online and mobile slot machine operators, so do keep that in mind when you play in such a venue, as you may find one casino has set their slot machines to payback much lower amounts of cash than another local casino, it will all be down to their unique business model as to which RTP they choose to make use of on their slot machines.

Do Identical Online and Mobile Slots Have the Same RTP?

As you will soon discover when reading through this guide slot machines that are the same may have been set with a different long term expected payout percentage depending on which casino sites you are playing them at.

However, it is also worth me pointing out that you will often find online slot machines are also available as mobile slot games and you may be wondering whether there are any differences in the pay-outs that online and mobile slot app games have been set to payout to players at the same casino sites and on their apps too.

Well in most instances you are not going to find any different what so ever when playing online or mobile slots at one single casino site, but there are some slot machines that do offer a slightly lower RTP when you are playing hem on a mobile device or vice versa when playing them online.

That is why it is always going to be important that you double check the RTP’s of any slot machines you are thinking of playing either online or via a mobile casino app, to see if there are any different regarding the long term RTP’s those slot game shave been set to return to players.

Where Do Land Based Casinos Place the Best Slots?

Now, one very interesting thing that I would like to point out to you regarding slot machines that are found in a land based casino rather than online and mobile casino slot machines, is that the operators of those casino venues will often place their high paying slots, those with the highest and best RTP’s in certain locations on their respective gaming floors.

They do that for a reason and a good reason too, by placing a slot machine that has been set to pay out more of players stakes over the long term then by placing them in a busy area of the casino other players will often spot those slot machines paying out.

If other players do see a lot of slot machines paying out, then they are much more likely to want to play other machines in that casino, as they may feel their luck will be in like those players playing the higher paying slot machines located in those busy areas of the gaming floor.

So, when you do set about playing at a land-based casino venue keep in mind the best paying slots will often be where the most people congregate or pass by when wandering through the casino.

Do Slot Machines Have Higher RTP’s When New?

It can be the case that when some new slot machines make their initial appearance onto a land based casinos gaming floor they are going to be offering players some much higher pay-out percentages and RTP’s than they will do once those slot machines have become established.

What I have often found casino operators will do is to increase the pay-out percentage son any new slot machines that they do roll out onto their gaming floors or a week or so whilst those machines are getting established on those gaming floors, then the RTP’s will be lowered by those casino operators.

Best rtp slots 2020

The reason they do that is quite simple to understand, slot players are always going to be very eager to play brand new slot machines and will end up playing them regularly if they do feel they are paying out well when they first try those slot machines.

By setting the RTP’s on new slot machines nice and high then players will like the way they play and pay when new and are much more likely to want to play them again at a later date, when unbeknown to them their RTP’s have been lowered back down.

Are There Any Laws Surrounding RTP’s?

It is all dependent on just where a slot machine is located as to whether there are going to be any laws surrounding the operation of those slot machines, much more so in regards that RTP’s that they can be set to pay-out to players.

Take for example when you are on a cruise or are on a ferry, as soon as the ships get 3 miles away from land they are then in international waters, and as such they can set their slot machines to return any RTP they want.

As such you are often going to find slot machines available on a shop are going to return some very low pay backs when compared to casinos that are available on land, so keep that in mind as you are always going to want to get the maximum winning chances when playing such slot machines.

Fruit machines on he other hand which are a type of slot machine can legally be operated with some very low pay-out percentages, and I have come across many jurisdictions where they are no laws in place what so ever regarding what RTP as a minimum a slot machine must pay-out.

Why Don’t All Casinos List Their RTP’s?

Only those online and mobile casino sites that are licensed in a certain country that requires by law for them to publish the payout percentages of all their slot machines are going to be guaranteed of publishing those RTP’s somewhere.

Some casinos may have their own unique and exclusive slot machines and may not want players to know what the RTP’s of their slot machines are, much more so if they are very low RTP’s, and that is something you should always keep in mind.

I have also often found out that when playing in some land based casino venues you will find it impossible to get information on just how high or just how low the RTP’s are on any of their slot machines, and as such you will have to take it on trust or simply guess whether they have set their slot machines with some high payout percentages and RTP’;s or not.

I would therefore suggest you stick to playing online at casinos that do publish all of their slot machine and slot game RTP’s so you have some idea as to which ones you should be playing, those being the ones with the highest payout percentage of course.

Can RTP’s on the Same Slots Differ at Different Casinos?

RTP’s can and most certainly will vary depending on just where you set about playing them, even slot machines that are the same ones, so that is something else that you are always going to have to be aware of when it comes to you selecting where to play.

As mention previously you are going to find the pay-out percentages of all slot machines available online or at a mobile site published on the websites of casinos that are fully licensed and regulated, so I would strongly suggest that you stick to playing at those casino sites.

If you play at a casino site that isn’t licensed anywhere, and there is always the risk that you could do, then you may find that the slot machines do not have published RTP’s and that means they could offer the very lowest possible payout percentages.

In fact, some players have experience slot playing sessions playing at some unlicensed casinos that do not pay anything out to players of their slots, so stick to playing at any of our featured casinos, all of which do hold a full and valid gambling license.

Are RTP’s Lowered When I Play with a Bonus?

When you sign up as a new first time player of any online or mobile casino site, you are of course going to be offered some form of bonus, and you may be wondering whether when you are playing with bonus credits that will have any effect on the RTP of the slot you can play at those casino sites.

It is not the case that a casino can lower or increase their payout percentage quickly and whilst for example a player is part way through playing with a casino bonus in their account, as the slot needs to be taken offline and the new software fitted.

But one thing is important to note, and that is those casino sites, both online and mobile casino sites and apps that always tend to offer huge valued deposit match type bonuses to their players are much more likely to have the very lowest RTP’s attached to their slot machines.

Take for example Real Time Gaming software powered online and mobile casino sites, I am aware that the operators of those casino sites can opt to have one of three different RTP’s attached to their slot machines, that being a low, mid ranged and high RTP.

Those that do tend to offer their players lots of very high valued deposit match type bonuses are going to often be the casinos that have opted to have the very lowest possible RTP’s on their entire range of slot machines.

They do of course do that so that when giving away to their players high valued bonuses all the time, they are still going to have a fair chance of winning those bonus credits off players, along of course with the deposit those players made into their account to claim those bonuses with in the first place.

Are Some Slot Providers Famed for Low RTP’s on Their Slots?

It never ceases to maze me at just how low some slot machine designers have chosen to set on their slot machines, for at the end of the day slot players are a very savvy bunch and are always going to be making a beeline to play slot machines that they know do have high payout percentages.

However it is fair to say that it is only going to be the fruit machines that you will often find in pubs and clubs and amusement arcades that have terribly low RTP’s attached to them, and some of those paybacks can be a shockingly low as just 72%.

If you ever set about playing fruit machines or for that matter any type of slot machine that does have a payout percentage that very low then you are not going to get much play time out of your bankroll and will often find your slot machine and fruit machine playing bankroll will not last every long at all too.

So, the only really is on you to stick to playing only those slot machines that have pay-out percentages that have been set nice and high, so make sure that is something you can always make a point of doing.

What Other Casino Games Have RTP’s?

You may be wondering, if you can look up the RTP’s of any slot machines, and then track down and get stuck into playing the highest paying slots with the best paybacks, whether it is possible to look up the RTP’s of any other casino games that you may occasionally also fancy getting stuck into playing too.

Well, when you set about playing video poker machines for example you will discover that they are a type of casino game too that do have their own unique pay-out percentages, and once again you will need to track down the ones that offer the highest paybacks.

Keep in mind though that it is the pay table attached to such games that will determine just what the long term expected pay-out percentage and therefore the RTP of those types of games will be.

You will also find that when playing other casino games such as Keno games, they too will also have their own set of RTP’s., however you will need to be aware of the fact that each number grouping you can choose to have on your Keno card will have its very own long term RTP attached to it too.

What is an Average Slot Machine RTP?

One final question that you may have and that is just what is an average RTP regarding slot machines, and that question is important for you will need to know what to look out for when you are comparing the pay-out percentages of any number of slot machines wherever you are thinking of playing.

I would say that from experience slot machines that have a pay-out percentage of between 94% and 96% are those that do have an average RTP, and as such to become much savvier slot player then do make sure that you always track down those slots that have a pay-out percentage of 96% only.

If you do not heed that advise, then you will find when playing most slot machines, you will not get much play time out of your bankroll and may also find your bankroll being eaten up very quickly too.

Whilst many people decide which slot to play based on the theme, special features or promotional offers, the savvy gamblers steer towards slots with the highest RTP. The house edge of online slot machines can vary widely, and it stands to reason that the lower the house edge, the better your chances of winning.

Top RTP SlotsRTPBet LimitsFree SpinsPaylinesRowsReels
Jack Hammer 297.10%£0.50 – £25010-2099315
Simsalabim97.50%£0.25 – £125Yes2535
Retro Reels Extreme Heat97.50%£0.30 – £112.50Up to 203035
Devil’s Delight97.60%£0.20 – £40Yes2035
Kings of Chicago97.80%£0.05 – £50Up to 30535
Starmania97.87%£0.10 – £20101035
Blood Suckers98.00%£0.25 – £50102535
1429 Uncharted Seas98.60%£0.10 – £100255035
Jackpot 600095.10 – 98.90%£1 – £2No533
Mega Joker99%£1 – £5No533

Of course, you should keep in mind that only the best slot sites to win offer high payout games from which you can take advantage. The return to player percentage of a game is measured over thousands of game rounds, and it stands to reason that the higher the RTP, the better the deal for the player. With this in mind, I have decided to create a list of the 10 online slots with the highest RTP.

#10 Jack Hammer 2 (NetEnt) – 97.1% RTP

Jack Hammer 2 is the first of many NetEnt slots to make this top 10 list. This entertaining slot has a crime and adventure theme, captured in a comic book style. There are an impressive 99 bet lines in this game, providing plenty of opportunities to win. It also boasts a variety of interesting features that make the game exciting to play, whilst creating chances to win. The Sticky Win feature sees any winning symbol combinations held in place for a free re-spin, and they continue until no new wins are created. There is also a free spin feature, where you get up to 20 free plays, where all wins are doubled and extra wilds randomly land on the reels. Jack Hammer 2 has a player-friendly RTP of 97.1%

#9 Simsalabim (NetEnt) – 97.5% RTP

This magical themed slot recreates all the excitement of a magic show. The stage is set, with symbols such as a magician’s wand and top hat, a caged dove and a Houdini-style chained chest. The hypnotist is wild, helping to complete winning symbol combinations. When you play Simsalabim, keep your eyes peeled for 3 bunny rabbit symbols on the first 3 reels. These trigger the bonus game, where you pull rabbits from the hats to reveal cash prizes of up to 50500 coins. The slot also features a free spins round, which provides the potential for big wins thanks to the triple payouts. All these features combine to provide a great RTP of 97.5%.

#8 Retro Reels Extreme Heat (Microgaming) – 97.5% RTP

The RTP of 97.5% is one of the highest you will find in the Microgaming slots selection.Retro Reels Extreme Heat has an old-school feel, with symbols you’d expect to see on a classic fruit machine, including cherries, lemons, bells, bars and 7’s. At the same time as providing a retro feel, it includes many features which you’d expect from a modern video slot. There is a free spin bonus, where you can get up to 20 free plays with all wins doubled. There are also wild substitutions and scatter pays. A highlight is the innovative re-spin feature. After any spin, you can choose to spin just one reel, which allows increased chances of winning.

#7 Devil’s Delight (NetEnt) – 97.6% RTP

Unleash your inner devil in this NetEnt video slot. Set against a fiery backdrop and tombstones, the 5 reels are filled with symbols from the underworld.Devil’s Delight is packed full of exciting features that provide plenty of chances to stack up the wins. The devil wild expands to cover entire reels. Whilst the free spins bonus features win multipliers of up to x5. Yet the real highlight of the game is the unique Soul Reaper bonus game. Match the correct sin to each character their soul will be added to the Soul-O-Meter whilst you reap a coin prize. When the Soul-O-Meter is filled with 15 souls, the Sin Spins feature is activated. Here, you get 10 Sin Spins where you can pocket some juicy rewards. With so many cool features and a high RTP of 97.6%, this is one hell of a slot!

#6 Kings of Chicago (NetEnt) – 97.8% RTP

Kings of Chicago mixes the best elements of a video slot with classic poker. The game is played with a deck of cards, which is shuffled before each round. Unlike normal slot machines, where payouts are made for matching symbols across paylines, in this slot, you win if you have a poker hand on one of the five paylines. The game includes a joker, which substitutes for all cards. Plus, the scatter label can randomly appear on any card. Get 3 or more and free deals, the equivalent of free spins are triggered. You can bag up to 30 free deals in the special feature and all wins are doubled. This innovative slot machine provides a unique twist on what you expect from a video slot, and boasts an impressive RTP of 97.8%.

#5 Starmania (NextGen) – 97.87% RTP

With colourful star symbols set against a pretty outer space background and a spacey, ethereal soundtrack, this NextGen slot is a real treat for the senses. Wilds are stacked onto the reels boosting your shot at winning combinations. There is also a free games feature, where extra stacked wilds can help create some big wins. The game features 10 paylines and wins are paid in both directions. With every line win, you also have the option to gamble your prize, for a chance to double or even quadruple your win multiple times. The great graphics, exciting features and favourable RTP of 97.87% make Starmania a real hit with players.

#4 Blood Suckers (NetEnt) – 98% RTP

The vampire genre has never been more popular, and it is the inspiration for this spooky NetEnt slot. You’ll see various Blood Suckers adorning the reels, along with the weapons to fight them off. It is not merely the impressive 98% RTP that draws players to this slot, but also the rich selection of special features. There are wild substitutions, scatter pays, free spins with triple payouts and a vampire slaying bonus game. Trigger the bonus and you will find yourself in an ancient burial chamber, filled with coffins. Open the coffins to slay vampires, earning coin wins with each creature you defeat.

#3 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) – 98.6% RTP

This video slot from Thunderkick is visually stunning. The reels are replaced with a medieval style hand-drawn map and the symbols include a variety of sea creatures and beasts as well as sun, moon and star symbols. The slot includes a wild symbol which expands to cover entire reels, helping to create bigger wins. There is also a free spins bonus where you can earn up to 50 free goes. 1429 Unchartered Seas has a rewarding RTP of 98.6%, one of the highest you will find in a video slot, making it a popular choice with players.

#2 Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt) – Up to 98.8% RTP

Jackpot 6000 is a thrilling classic slot machine from NetEnt with a real old-school vibe. You can play with up to 5 paylines active, betting between 1 and 10 coins per spin. It is highly recommended to play with the maximum bet of 10 coins however, as this creates the possibility of triggering Supermeter mode. In this game mode, you can win a mystery prize of between 10 – 6000 coins when just 2 joker symbols land anywhere on the reels. Also, getting 3 jokers on a payline in Supermeter mode guarantees a jackpot payout of 6000 coins. When you play Jackpot 6000 with 1 – 8 coins, the RTP is a paltry 74.9% – 79.2%. Yet with 10 coins in play, the RTP ranges from 95.1% – 98.8%. The variance is because Supermeter mode is skill based, so you can directly impact the outcome.

#1 Mega Joker (NetEnt) – Up to 99% RTP

Whilst Jackpot 6000 boasts an extremely high RTP, it is just beaten to the top spot by another NetEnt classic slot; Mega Joker. Bet with just 1 coin and the RTP is an underwhelming 76.9%. Yet on the other hand, a max bet of 10 coins elevates the RTP to between 89.1% – 99%. Furthermore, it provides bigger payouts and the Supermeter mode. In Supermeter mode, you need to choose the bet level and the optimum level at which to collect your winnings. It is this element of skill which can increase the RTP. The skill component, retro style and engaging gameplay make Mega Joker a firm favourite with players.

Best Rtp Slots 2020 Uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Because our goal is to keep you well informed we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and our team of experts has provided the answers below.

🏆 What are the best paying slots?

The best paying slots are the ones that feature a high RTP because that translates to a small house edge such as NetEnt’s Jack Hammer 2 slot or Simsalabim, with a return to player percentage of over 97%.

✍ How do I choose a good slot machine?

In choosing a good slot machine a player should look for high payouts, volatility and the features of the game itself. For example, you are bound to have a higher return on your investment while playing a slot with free spins and multipliers.

💱 What is the average payout on slot machines?

The average payout on slot machine varies among slots but you are going to find a higher return-to-player percentage in the recommended online casinos as compared to the traditional slot machines. Blood Suckers slot and 1429 Uncharted Seas slot have a very high RTP of over 98%.

🎰 What is a high variance slot machine?

Best Rtp Slots 2020

High variance slots are destined for gamblers who are willing to play for huge wins.Kings of Chicago is a great example in that direction because it features not only a high RTP but also a high variance, which makes it ideal for our example. Flexible betting limits, free spins and a unique twist on slots as we know them are just a few perks of enjoying this title.

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Top Rtp Slots 2020

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