Silver Strike Slot Machine

Silver Strike Slot Machine

марта 08 2021

Silver Strike Slot Machine

NEW - SILVER STRIKE 'DELUXE'  Coin / Token pusher. We can set up machine for coin or tokens depending on your local laws. It is the purchasers responsibility to check state and local laws when operating this equipment. Tony Flores, Slot Manager. The Venetian strike machine has been removed. The strike machine at the Palazzo is still in play and full of strikes. Thanks to: Warren Schaefer, SS-185 (06-27-17) As a follow up to the article I had submitted for the Silver Strike newsletter which was issued yesterday. The Four Queens, led by slot director Shaun Webster, is the home of nine of the remaining 15 “Silver Strike” machines. Until more machines are placed, it is virtual holy ground for the country’s 450+ collectors of these specialty tokens. Like Webster, Sarr strongly believed in Silver Strike s even as they were disappearing. The completely refurbished Silver Strike slot machines at the Plaza resemble those of the bygone era, awarding winning players one of four specially designed $10 silver-clad collector coins.

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The Silver Strike slot machine by IGT is double diamond 3 slot with a twist!

The bonus, which is triggered by landing the Silver Strike bonus symbol in reel 3, awards you a physical prize in the form of a souvenir token, which I believe you can also redeem for $10 although why would you want to do that?!

To the best of my knowledge, this may be the only casino game where a primary goal is to win a prize versus money, such as you would do in an arcade. If anyone knows of anything similar, please share in the comments section, Enjoy!

Silver Strike Slot Machine Locations


Okay the couple I know of are actually add-ons that can be won randomly. There a bank of older WMS machines at Red Rock in LV (at least the last time I was there) that has a box with $400 cash in it and also at the Venetian, if it's still there, there's something similar that I believe has some expensive jewelry or something like that in it and I think those are on some Aristocrat machines.

Windy City Frenzy

Those coins are cool. I haven't played one of those slots for awhile. Fun video! 😎


'(voice one) who's winning?.. (voice two) Cubs... (voice one) Nooooo' - damn sorry have to unsubscribe - never talk politics, religion or Cubs on your videos.. you will loose viewers.. bye


Casinos With Silver Strike Machines

Love it! Back in 70's 80's Caesars in LV had machines with Silver and Goldcoins you could win! (real one's). My parents still have some. :)


does it give you real silver or just a novelty ?


I won one of these at Palazzo a couple of years back. Forgot where I put the coin. LOL


I've been watching all your videos recently and they are very entertaining, but this one was just funny :) Looking forward to your next video

Mister Dan

nice.. I like the concept. especially if the machine has off-colored coin cases indicating more $$$

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It's a fun game. I played this at Mirage in Las Vegas and I won 10 coins at 10.00 a piece. it was interesting

Silver Strike Slot Machine

aaron's 411

this is so amazing i must have one now . I have a las vegas coin just like this from the mirage but its real silver and i dont think it came out of a machine.

Charles Brissett Jr

the casinos back in the early 2000's used to run what we're called Millennium machines which if you hit any 7 combo other than red paid out a coin like you got.there were various coins you could collect from each casino.check out my Facebook page for a photo of some of them.

Jennifer Goodwin

You can read about these tokens at silverstrikers.com and you can see what they're worth by looking on ebay. Prices there seem to be about $10, not different from what your comment says the redemption price is. Makes a nice souvenir.

Slot Traveler

Is it real silver? A special collectible? That's interesting! Still, if it's worth $10 on a $75 spin.. well that was very Elite of you guys! I remember years ago these type of games would also give diamonds during a spin. I don't think it took off. Thanks for sharing!

Silver Strike Slot Machine For Sale

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Silver Strike Slot Machine

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