Reel Deal Slots Adventure

Reel Deal Slots Adventure

марта 06 2021

Reel Deal Slots Adventure

One of the most exciting TV games shows is “Deal or No Deal.” Now, you too can play this TV game show in another format - the slot game. The Reel Deal free slots downloads are available to you at Liberty Slots Casino. More popular than the TV game show, The Reel Deal Slots has become the #1 game among slot enthusiasts. The much-talked about show that took a hiatus a few years back has finally returned - Deal or No Deal is new and improved, with your favorite host, Howie Mandel, reprising his role as the deal maker. This is a game show that really took audiences by storm, as the ratings shot up faster than about 90% of the shows that have ever been pitched to mega-conglomerate, CNBC. Perhaps not surprisingly, on the heels of the gameshow’s return, we have the video slot reprisal of the awesome game show - and this one is also available now for download at your favorite online casinos. The nom de guerre is Reel Deal Slots, and it promises a smashing good time on your mobile device or desktop computer.

What Can You Expect from Reel Deal Slots?

Well, by way of introduction, let’s first state that it’s a 5 reel, 20 payline pokey with a lot going for it. Riding the wave of popularity of the hit game show, it comes into its own quickly with legit graphics, a sense of familiarity with the character and symbol icons, and some darn good gameplay - even in the fun money mode. If you really want to ratchet up the excitement, though, put down a few coins for real after downloading the casino software and signing up for an account. The in-game jackpot with this option is 10,000 coins, and you can bet between 5 cents and $10 per payline. That makes the total possible bet a considerable $200 spread out evenly over a 20 coin wager. As for the symbols, they are all connected to the game show (of course!). There’s a brown briefcase - presumably filled with money - gold bullion bars, red push button, the game show host in silhouette, a lady contestant, a smartphone symbol, a stash of cash, the banker and a check for a whopping one million life-changing dollars. The bonus features don’t leave anything to be desired, either, and sport a gold bar as the wild icon that can replace any other symbol to help complete a winning payline. A chance to win 15 free spins is on the table, and the bonus feature activation requires the appearance of three briefcase symbols at the same time. Reel Deal Slots ranks very highly with online casino gamers, and you can discover why it’s a home run by playing it today at the top casinos online.

Our NetEnt offering brings you one of the most popular slots titles - Starburst slots, which is a timeless classic with simplistic gameplay. Explore our Play N’ Go range of games and take an adventure with Rich Wilde and discover ancient Egyptian ruins while battling dead Pharaoh with the Book of Dead slot game. The Reel Deal Slots is a 5-reel, 20 payline bonus video slot game with 29 winning combinations. Coin master 50 free spins and coins. The jackpot is 10,000 coins, and the coin size ranges from 5¢ to $10. The maximum bet is 20 coins or $200.

What’s It All About, Alfie?

Let’s start with the game facts. The Reel Deal Slots is a 5-reel, 20 payline bonus video slot game with 29 winning combinations. The jackpot is 10,000 coins, and the coin size ranges from 5¢ to $10. The maximum bet is 20 coins or $200. The symbols are the same as you see on the TV game show including: Briefcases, the Red Button, Gold Bars, the Host, The Mystery Banker, a Check for $1 million, Reel Deal Cell Phone, the Ladies, and Cash. Bonus Features include the Gold Bar as the wild symbol, and the Red Deal Button is the scatter symbol. There are two bonus features: A free spins bonus on the reels during regular play, and a bonus round. To trigger the 15 free spins, you need to get 3 Red Deal Button symbols. All winnings are doubled, and there is a retrigger feature affording you the chance to win additional spins. To activate the Bonus Game, you need to get 3 Briefcase symbols. The bonus game consists of selecting briefcases, just like in the game show.

Where to play Reel Deal slots for free

Up to $5000
$777 Welcome Bonus
$2500 + 500 Free Spins, Bloody Mary Thursdays
100% up to $100 (code: SIGNUP100)
$800 Welcome Bonus

Playing The Reel Deal Slots Bonus Round

Once you activate the bonus round, you will have a chance to select the Briefcase that you think contains $100,000 payout! There are 26 numbered briefcases held by 26 ladies on stage. Each briefcase contains a card with a dollar amount. At each side of the slot machine, there is a money board with dollar amounts from $1 to $1,000,000. Your mission is to select a number of briefcases in each round of play and knock off the lowest denominations first. There are 10 rounds. In the first round, you will be asked to open 6 briefcases; followed by round 2 and 5 briefcases; round 3 and 4 briefcases; round 4 and 3 briefcases; round 5 and 2 briefcases; round 6 and 1 briefcase; round 7 and 1 briefcase; round 8 and 1 briefcase; round 9 and 1 briefcase; and round 10 and 1 briefcase. After each round, the mysterious banker will make you an offer. You can refuse or accept and continue with the game. If at any time you accept the banker’s offer, the bonus game ends. When it comes to winning big at online casinos, if your weapon of choice is slot machines then you should look no further than the Reel Slots. Just like the Deal or No Deal show, you will have an abundance of choices when playing these slot games - choices that can bring you a boatload of coins especially when playing the bonus games.

Reel Deal Slots featured at Lincoln Casino

Remember that spectacular slot game that was loosely based on the television show, Deal or No Deal? It had everything including a smart-aleck host, pretty girls, and valises filled with money? Well, we are pleased to announce that it is back in all its former glory! Reel Deal Slots is one of the hottest slot games to be found. It was based in that hit television game show, and it was an exceptionally good transfer of the TV game to a slot game. Why it disappeared, we do not know, but we are very pleased to say that Wager Gaming Technology has brought this classic slot game back ( click here to start playing Reel Deal Slots ). Moreover, we are pleased to say that it is every bit as excellent a game as we remember it. The graphics on this one are cute and cartoonish, really capturing the look and the spirit of the show. Though Martin Short never hosted the television program, the cartoon host on the slot game is a dead ringer for him. The girls are cute blondes, brunettes, and redheads, and there are stacks and stacks of cash. Five reels and twenty paylines make this a really big game. And then there is the bonus round. Remember in Deal or No Deal, at the finale of each game, where the player got to pick a model with a briefcase that was potentially filled with money? That is what the bonus round is based on. Better yet, players are guaranteed a win on this super bonus round. It is a big version of a pick-and-win game, just like the TV game. Reel Deal is a classic slot game. It is simple and easy to understand and play. The range of bets is wide, making it appealing to every level of
5-reel, video, bonus
Choose a Toy Choose Your Own Free Spins Round, Sinking Ship Sinking Wild Free Spin Round, Jack-In-The-Box 3rd Reel Wild Free Spin Round, Broken Truck Sticky Wild Free Spin Round
bonus, video, 5-reel
Double Up Game, Free Falls feature
video, bonus, 5-reel
Re-Spin Feature
6-reel, 3D, video, bonus
Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Golden Bonus feature, Pots of Gold Feature, Mega Symbol feature, Money Wheel feature
bonus, progressive, video, 5-reel
Free Games Feature, Gold Coin Feature
  • Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots
5-reel, video, bonus
Cleopatra's Pyramid Bonus Round
3-reel, progressive, video
5-reel, video, bonus
Mystic Multiplier Feature, Respin Wilds Feature
5-reel, bonus, video
Pyramid Bonus, Free Spins Feature
3-reel, video, progressive
player from the most casual of low-risk weekend gamer up to truly high-rollers who want to maximize the risk and potential for truly huge winnings. We are so pleased to have this classic slot game back. It has everything that we look for in a slot game – fast action, a super bonus game, lots of free spins, and great graphics. Reel Deal ranks with Heist Slots and the other top slot games on the Internet. You won’t find this wonderful game at Bovada or Club USA casinos – you have to head over to Lincoln Casino to find it! So head over now and log in for some exciting Reel Deal action now! The Reel Slots are the most exciting online slots games, brought to you by RTG, Rival, WGT and Top Game. With five reels, multiple pay lines and unmatchable bonus rounds, Reel Slots really are the 'real deal' when it comes to online slots!

Cash Slots

Some of the best reel slots are cash slots, slots that pay you instantly with every win. What is the alternative? Well there are slots that give you credits, but honestly nothing beats those coins dropping into the tray and besides, most people tend to use up all the credits and wind up with no winnings at all. No, those of us who love playing slots want to see the results immediately, and cash slots offer you the best bang for your buck. We have an array of cash slots encompassing a wide variety of themes as well as bonus features that are exciting and lucrative as well. This is what sets cash slots apart from all others. Here are three cash slots we know you will love playing:

Bonus Round Slots

What separates a fabulous bonus round from a mediocre one? This could be a subjective question as every slot player has their own idea of what makes a bonus round great. Among our bonus round slots, we have found some of the most creative and, in some cases, action-packed bonus rounds online. For example, one slot game has you go through a maze to earn your bonus round prize. Another has two warriors fighting it out and depending on who you select to win will garner you untold fortunes. Playing slot games that have more than one bonus round are even more attractive. As technology advances, slot players are looking for more action, more ways to win, and more interactive bonus round slots.

Choice Slots

We all make choices in life; some are good and some are not so good. But when you play reel deal slots wherein the choices you make can be the difference between a llucrative win or a bust, you'll think about that choice long and hard. When a player has to make a Deal or No Deal choice, all his winnings are riding on that choice. Choice Slots can encompass 'gamble games,' choosing a winner in a sports event; spinning a wheel when, with each spin, more and more 'bust' signs are added; these are just some of the choice slots available online today. And we showcase the best of them here. We all love slot games with a challenge, and if that challenge is making a choice - we go for it with gusto.

Girls Slots

In the world of slot games, there is no bias towards any one gender. The reel slots available to you encompass a myriad of themes, some of which are suited to males, and others to females. They are equally accessible and equally lucrative. So when we use the term 'girls slots,' it is because these slots have a theme based on a prominent female figure. For example, Cleopatra Slots are very popular online as are undersea theme-based slots featuring mythical Mermaids. Conversely, male slots may encompass daredevils, heroes, sports themes, and the like. The point is that reel slots are not just girls slots, but boys slots as well. They are equally exciting, entertaining, and loads of fun to play.

Reel Slots

When the 'reel deal slots' was first released, it became the number one slot online. Mimicking the TV game show, it had all the elements and benefits that not only provided pure entertainment, but could literally make you rich. Since then, we have seen deal or no deal slots flourish in a variety of ways. For example, Rival has introduced a slew of 3D slots that are mind-blowing and offer fabulous interactive bonus games. Coversely, there are RTG slots that offer bonus games unlike any you've every played, and Top Game has followed suit. But the measure by which any slot player deems a reel slots value is in the bonus rounds offered. Our list of reel slots with bonus games are the best online. Reel Deal Slots Adventure

No Deposit Bonus Codes Are The Reel Deal

There are many decisions that goes into playing an online slot game, or a table game for that matter. But mostly when it comes to slot games, you first have to decide which slot game you are going to play, how many pay lines you are going to wager on, and finally the amount you are going to wager on. Now, depending on the in house promotions going on at a particular online casino, you might be a little shy to make a wager on a slot game you never played before, or you might be running a little low on some coin. That’s where the no deposits comes into play. It is easy how they work actually. Simply put, a no deposit allows you to play slot games for free up to a certain amount and for a certain time. Each no deposit comes with a fixed value, which can be as lows as ten bucks, and can extend up to a hundred bucks. The second most important component when it comes to the no deposit codes, is the expiration date. With each no deposit bonus code, in particular those that comes from third party sources, there is a short shelf life for them to be used. When picking or finding a no deposit code, it behooves you to read up on the expiration date so you can use it before it expires. Normally speaking, the no deposit bonus code can only be used once. When you get the code, you will need to the cashier at the online casino that it is for and enter it in. Once you do so, the code will automatically be credited to your account. No deposit codes can be used for all slot games, or it can also be used for a particular slot game. It is not uncommon to find a no deposit code for a brand new slot game to help break it in with the members. The no deposit, on top of the free spins, is the perfect way to get involved and fall in love with a new slot game. There is also a no deposit code that can be a product of the online casino that you are a member of. Right when you officially sign up and become a member, you might have a no deposit code to use as you will.
March 30, 2021

Reel Deal Slots American Adventure

March 30, 2021
New players only
May 30, 2021
March 30, 2021
March 9, 2021
March 9, 2021
New players only
March 23, 2021
March 9, 2021
For new players only
March 30, 2021
For New Signups and players who have not received any free promotion in the casino before.

Best US Slots Casinos

All of our reel deal slots can be played and enjoyed at our featured best US Slots Casinos. From cash slots to girls slots, from deal or no deal slots to bonus round slots - we have compiled the best of the best for your enjoyment. All of these US slots casinos offer some of the best welcome bonuses and promotions online; the best slot games including 3D slots, I-Slots, and Real Series Slots - more than 300 slot games with themes in every genre. So if you are looking for the best 'deals' at a US online casino, we have them listed for you right here.
  • Club World Casinos
300% up to $3000 on Slots, 100% up to $1000 on Table Games
Real Time Gaming

Reel Deal Slots American Adventure

  • Super Slots Casino
$6000 Welcome Package (code: SUPER300)
Betsoft, Concept Gaming, Dragon Gaming, Nucleus Gaming, ViG
  • Slotastic Casino
150% up to $300 (code: WINTASTIC), 117 Free Spins on Bubble Bubble Slots (code: BUBBLETASTIC), 10 Free Spins on Sign Up for Panda Magic (code: MAGICTASTIC)
Real Time Gaming
  • Lincoln Casino
Up to $5000
Wager Gaming Technology

Reel Deal Slots Adventure Download

  • Ignition Casino
100% up to $1000, Bitcoin Welcome Bonus (code: IGBITCOIN200)
Bovada Gaming, Qora, Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming, Woohoo Games
  • Bovada Casino
100% up to $1000 (code: NEWWELCOME), 125% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus (code: BTCCW1250)
Bovada Gaming, Genesis Gaming, Makitone Gaming, Qora, Real Time Gaming, Revolver Gaming, Rival Gaming, Spinomenal, Woohoo Games
Welcome Package up to $12500 (code: WELCOME250)

Reel Deal Slots Downloads

Real Time Gaming
$9000 Crypto Welcome Bonus (code: CRYPTO300), $5000 Welcome Bonus Package (code: WILD250)
Betsoft, Concept Gaming, Dragon Gaming, Nucleus Gaming
200% up to $2000 (code: ROAR200), 100% up to $1000

Reel Deal Slots Adventure Download

Real Time Gaming
  • Jackpot Capital Casino
$1000 Welcome Bonus (code: JCWELCOME)
Real Time Gaming
We invite you to join and play these slots, available in both flash and download, while taking advantage of all that these casinos have to offer. The only deal or no deal choice you have to make is which casino to join. It's a win-win choice!

Reel Deal Slots Adventure

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