Navy Revolver Gta 5

Navy Revolver Gta 5

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Navy Revolver Gta 5

Dec 16, 2019

Completing the Navy Revolver Challenge means getting 50 kills with the Navy Revolver, and doing so nets you $250,000 in GTA money and unlocks Lowry's Revolver in Red Dead Online. To note, you need. The Navy Revolver is an exclusive weapon added to GTA Online with the 1.49 Diamond Casino Heist Update. How To Unlock the Navy Revolver in GTA Online. The Navy Revolver is unlocked after solving the Los Santos Slasher mystery and killing the Los Santos Slasher serial killer.

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There are five clues that you have to find in order to trigger this special event.
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Navy revolver gta 5 location mapClue 1
Clue 2
Clue 3
Clue 4
Clue 5
This clue has different spawn locations.
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Navy Revolver Gta 5Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Location 4
Location 5

The Slasher

After finding all the clues, the Slasher will send a message threatening the player.
The Slasher appears 2 minutes after you get the message if these conditions are met:

Navy Revolver Gta 5 Clues

  • During these 2 minutes you were on foot.
  • You are in Blaine County.
  • Maniac spawns between 07:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. If you find the 5th clue before this time you'll have to wait.

Wait for the killer to spawn and be ready to kill him. If you die, he will keep trying to ambush and kill you.

Navy Revolver Challenge

  • Once you have the Navy Revolver, you’ll have to complete the corresponding challenge, which is to kill 50 people using the gun.
  • Getting 50 kills with the revolver (NPCs count) will give you $200,000 and it will then become “discoverable” in Red Dead Online.

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GTA Online's latest content update, The Diamond Casino Heist Online slots real money california. , gives you the opportunity to catch the infamous Los Santos Slasher. In the process, you can also pick up a brand new Navy Revolver, as well as some money along the way.

To catch the Los Santos Slasher in GTA Online, you must locate five clues. These clues will lead you to the Slasher's location. You will find exact map locations below.

Clue #1 Location

Travel to Grand Senora Desert and go northwest of the Sandy Shores Airfield. You will see a severed hand between a tire and some trash bags.

Clue #2 Location

Go to Great Chaparral and locate Cherry Pie Farm. Look for an inscription on the wall that says: 'Can you find me?' That's the second clue.

Clue #3 Location

Travel to Grapeseed and locate a wooden barn (indicated on the map above). Check the barn's walls for a bloody machete sticking through one of the logs.

Navy Revolver Gta 5 Locations

Clue #4 Location

Go to Paleto Forest and find the Bayview Lodge located on Procopio Promenade. Find a door smeared with a bloody handprint for clue #3.

Clue #5 Location

The last clue is an abandoned minivan, which can be randomly seen in one of the five possible locations indicated above.

Kill The Slasher

Once you found all of the clues, the Los Santos Slasher will send you a message on your phone. Expect him in Blaine County at night, between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Kill him, and you will be rewarded with the Navy Revolver and $50,000.

If you get 50 kills with the Navy Revolver, you will earn another $200,000 and also unlock Lowry's Revolver in Red Dead Online.


That's it on how to find the Los Santos Slasher and the Navy Revolver in The Diamond Casino Heist DLC for GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, please see the list below:

Navy Revolver Gta 5

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