Nairabet Old Lite

Nairabet Old Lite

марта 07 2021

Nairabet Old Lite

Nairabet Old Lite
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New to Nairabet Lite?


Jan 22, 2021 Tag: naira bet old lite. NairaBet Sign Up and Login Portal Guide 2021 Update. Nairabet Login Portal 2021: Are you searching on how to register on Nairabet? Nairabet mobile platform for Android and ios users. Download app with apk. See the Advantages and Disadvantages of the old, new mobile version and lite version. Here you can find everything about nairabet mobile app Nigeria in our detailed test.

Betting has been a trajectory of enjoyment for most sports enthusiasts, so much so that many can’t do without game betting in weeks. As this may seem like a gambling addiction, most times it is far from such.

Many gamers see betting as a pastime to burn out the stress and a means for quick calculated money. This is also the situation of things in Nigeria and especially other West African countries.

Nairabet just like other betting websites in Nigeria such as Bet9ja, Kingbet, Paddy Paddy Bet, and many others offers online access to betting from the comfort of your home through your mobile devices.

Nairabet Website

As said earlier, Nairabet has an online betting website for their numerous customers scattered across this country. In many parts of the country, there is no Nairabet office whatsoever while many states or locality have more than 20 offices where bets are played daily. This is where the idea of a website comes in. To allow people to play their games anywhere they may so be and whenever they feel like it.

The gaming website is just like entering a Niarabet betting shop, just that it involves DIY (Doing It Yourself) with no agents guiding you through.

The website has three versions, Viz; The Mobile (or the Nairabet Old Lite), The Desktop or Computer Version, and the Nairabet Lite version.

We shall talk more about the Nairabet Lite version in this post.

The Mobile Version

The mobile version is the older Nairabet website the same as the Nairabet old lite, which most times doesn’t work well with many people’s mobile devices.

The Desktop Version

This version is just the mainframe of the Nairabet bet builder, it is an in-depth website that offers all the Nairabet gaming opportunity, virtual games and lives game inclusively. As this is just superb and wow, it can not be accessed on Mobile Device without lapses, hence the modification and option offered by the Nairabet bet builder to choose the version that goes well with your device.

Nairabet Lite

Whenever you access the Nairabet website from your mobile devices, you are given three options to choose from, it is either you play through the mobile version of the website or the Desktop or Computer Version, and lastly either through the Nairabet Lite version.

You might want to ask, what is the pick of this exactly? Yeah, it’s an innocent question that needs a quite honest answer.

Nairabet lite website is created after the lapse and errors of the Nairabet old lite. This new version offers a faster and clean interface. It is just a question of necessity, as many people are accessing the website on mobile devices, they found it hard to play some games such as the live matches and sometimes found the website jumbled up.

Nairabet Registration

There is no much hassle with Nairabet registration, it is very simple and straightforward. Just visit https://mobile.nairabet.com, and on the top right-hand corner, you will see an icon to register or login, click on it. While you can also click on the top left icon, you will be directed to a page where you can select;

  • Login
  • Register
  • Sports
  • In-Play
  • Promotions
  • Casino
  • Golden Race
  • Load Bet Code/Check Bet Slip
  • Rules
  • FAQ
  • Lite mobile version
  • Desktop version

Nairabet Old Mobile Lite Version

Just click on the Register icon, which will bring you to where you will input your details, your username, password, email address, and phone number, and click on Sign Up. Voila, you are done with Nairabet registration, you just have to check your mail for any confirmation email.

Nairabet Deposit

Nairabet customers can easily deposit and withdraw from their mobile phones. It comes with no hassle to deposit on Nairabet Lite as the website allows Visa Card, Mastercard, and or Verve. There are no limits to your deposit and withdrawal. And the Nairabet deposit is an instant reflection on your account upon validation by your bank. While GT Bank users are given more privilege to access Nairabet deposit through transfer directly from their Banking App or with the use of USSD code which is *737*50*Amount*88# dialed from the number you used in Nairabet Registration and importantly linked with your GT Bank Account.

Accessing The Nairabet Lite Website

To gain access to the Nairabet Lite Website, you can directly visit https://mobilelite.nairabet.com, this will automatically take you to the Nairabet Lite Version. And also if you access the Nairabet website through https://mobile.nairabet.com, click on the top left-hand corner, scroll down to the “Lite Mobile Version”.

Download Nairabet App

Many Nairabet customers complain about seeing ” Download Nairabet App” here and there on posts they’ve viewed in the past but such links direct them to ads and the likes. Most now pose the question, does Nairabet has an application for their gaming offer? This question begets a No, as the Nairabet bet builder is yet to build a Nairabet App for both Android and iOS devices. Unlike other betting houses, customers have been enjoying their Applications and many faithful ones want the same for Nairabet. This is not bad though because the website version especially the Nairabet Lite Website runs more or less like an App, fast and with a good interface.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does it take for my withdrawal to show in my bank account?

It takes usually 24 hours for your withdrawal to be validated. Most times, it takes quite lesser times though.

How much can I withdraw at a time?

The maximum withdrawal amount is 500,000 thousand Naira while the minimum amount is 1000 Naira.

Can I withdraw on weekends?

Yes, you can make a withdrawal on weekends but it might not be as fast as on a normal workday.

How much is the minimum deposit on the Nairabet lite website?

You can deposit as low as 100 Naira on your Nairabet account either you’re using the Lite or the Website version of the same.

How long does it take for my deposit to reflect on my account?

Deposit enjoys instant reflection.

Nairabet Old Lite App

Which is better, the Lite version or the Desktop Version?

It depends on your preferences. If you’re using a mobile device, use the lite version for quality performance. But if you have a laptop, you should use your desktop version.

How do I download Nairabet App?

Nairabet is yet to have a downloadable mobile application.

Can I register an account with a Nairabet Lite website?

Yes, you can. Visit https://mobilelite.nairabet.com/#signUpType.

Nairabet Old Lite Game

Can I bet on Virtuals Games with Nairabet Lite website?

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Yes, you can. It has mostly the same features as the Nairabet desktop version.

Can I use the Nairabet Lite on my iOS devices?

Yes, you can use it on your Iphones and Ipads.


Whether the merits of the Nairabet Lite suits your preference or not, it is just the best for your mobile devices. It is fast, has the same interface as the Desktop version, offers mostly all the same services. Unless you like complications, you can run the Desktop version on your mobile devices. But for effective performance, use only the desktop version on the computer alone.

The Nairabet lite version is a lightweight version of the official website that is downloaded to mobile devices much faster than the computer version. It is possible thanks to the brief design, reduced amount of graphics and thoughtful navigation.

Customers can use the full computer version or Nairabet mobile lite version, or a mobile application. It all depends on personal preferences. For example, the mobile lite version of a website provides the minimum information required for betting. It does not take up the memory of the device and works well even with poor mobile phone quality.

Owners of low-budget devices prefer to visit such a website. Also, a lightweight site will be useful for players who want to make bets 'on the go', right here and now. For example, a person visited a bar, saw a football match, and without unnecessary delay can make a live bet on the event thanks to Nairabet lite version.

Features of other versions of the Nairabet website

For those who prefer to place pre-match bets using the full information, the Nairabet desktop version will do. In this case, the monitor will display all the details, and you can also open a calculator, event broadcast, etc. in parallel.

In case of an urgent bet, the Nairabet full mobile version will also be useful for this player. But know that in this case, the phone must have a proper internet channel. Connect to a secure, free Wi-Fi network with a stable channel.

The mobile application requires space in the device memory, but it works quickly and provides convenient betting management. When deciding to download the latest Nairabet app, find out the minimum requirements for the devices.

Full Mobile and Mobile Lite free to use is one of the significant advantages. There's no need to pay extra. Access is completely free!

In all cases, the same Nairabet mobile login will work. Once registered, the player may not have to worry about how to login to Nairabet. Under his login, he will enter the account in any version of the betting office.

Decisive factors for choosing the NairaBet version

So, the first factor we found out is the client's preferences. The second is the type of event on which you want to bet. On different versions, the list of events is slightly different. For example, in the light version of the site, you can easily bet on football. However, it is better to play virtual football on the computer version, because the program is better adapted to the screens of computers.

Specific requirements to access NairaBet's mobile versions

You do not need to meet any specific requirements to access NairaBet's mobile versions. However, it is worth checking to see if your gadget fits the minimum standards for technology. The bookmaker's website is based on HTML 5, which means it adapts to all modern operating systems.

Nairabet Old Lite Shoes

So, mobile versions and applications work best on such models:

  • Huawei Mate X, P20;

  • iPad Air, iPad Pro;

  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus or later;

  • LG G6, G7 or later;

  • Samsung Galaxy Note, S, A, Tab A.

Nairabet Old Lite Price

If your phone is older than these models, it does not mean that NairaBet's mobile versions will not work well. Not at all, go to the lite version and connect to a proper internet channel. At the worst, go to offline betting points.

Nairabet Old Mobile Lite

From time to time, the bookmaker runs limited-edition campaigns. Make sure you get a mobile bonus!

Nairabet Old Lite

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