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марта 06 2021

Lotus Bet App

Looking for the best online betting app for cricket betting? Read our guide, written by cricket betting experts, to find the right betting app for your situation.

Lotus Gaming innovates the betting interface by giving its players’ an exclusive access to chip setting. This allows the players to choose the amount of chips they’ll use in the game while keeping them well. Its app offers nearly 450 slots at the moment. It is easy to use slots on mobile apps; clean, user-friendly menus ensure players can navigate their way around easily. It’s not just online casinos that are available in NJ, there is also a great range of sports betting apps available as well. Premium id - 150000 Get 150000 limit (daily withdrawal) Min bet - 1000. Lotus Group Ent Sdn Bhd may also disclose Information to third parties, where reasonably necessary, for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, prosecution of offenders, for purposes of national security or when required by law. Your Information may be accessed by Lotus. Description Lotus Mail Reader is an app for reading your IBM Lotus Notes Mail. No more keying in details of server, username and password every time you visit webmail. Install this app and it comes in handy.

Best Betting Apps



Welcome Bonus100%up to₹10,000Exclusive
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About Betting Apps

Want to start your venture into the world of online betting apps? Here is the ultimate guide to teach you all you need to know.

Since the mobile usage has exploded all over the world, so has mobile betting grown in size. More and more betting sites have created their own betting apps to service their customers better, and our team of cricket betting experts have been taking part of this new trend of cricket betting. Now, we are looking to share our knowledge on these apps.

Here is what we are looking for in a top betting app:

  • Free to download
  • Fast and intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Works better than the website version
  • Additional features

All of the betting apps that we have listed on this page will have their good and bad sides, but we will only list apps that we trust and use ourselves. So you can be sure that the apps you find here will be to your liking.

The Best Online Betting Apps for Gamblers

Read on to find out more on specific situations for the right betting apps to improve your betting experience. Depending on what you are looking to use it for and what you value the most you might decide differently than our general comparison list. We also detail what we like about the top apps, and some negatives that are in place.

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Cricket Betting Apps

Here is a list of the best cricket betting apps according to our experts:

  1. Betway Betting App - Exclusive INR 30,000 Welcome Bonus
  2. 10CRIC Betting App - Exclusive INR 20,000 Welcome Bonus
  3. ComeOn Betting App - Exclusive INR 10,000 Welcome Bonus

The most popular activity when it comes to cricket betting is live betting. More than 90% of the volume on cricket bets online are done in-play, so if you are reading this, you are likely going to follow the same procedure.

List of the Best Ranked Cricket Betting Apps in the App Store

And when you are live betting on cricket, you are likely also watching the game, either at the stadium, on TV with friends, listening to the radio or some other form. At this point you probably don't have access to your desktop computer or laptop, so you need to do your cricket betting on your mobile device. This is the perfect opportunity to make use of cricket betting apps to enhance your enjoyment of the match.

Here are some extra points we consider when we are looking for a solid cricket betting app:

Speed of the App

When you are live betting, some times it might be a matter of seconds for a bet to be a good one or not. The betting odds changes fast between the balls being played, so you need to make sure the app can send and receive the information fast enough for you to make your bets.

If the betting app you use need to load a new page everytime you choose a bet and odds, then it might not be fast enough for you to get the bet locked in time.

Login with fingerprint / face recognition

Logging in with fingerprint or facial recognition should be key in this day and age. Again as with the problem with speed, if you have to type in your credentials everytime you open the app, you will surely miss some juicy bet frequently.

Push notifications

Although these are for the most part really annoying, we find that push notifications are quite helpful and add to the betting experience in a great way.

Lotus Bet App Free

By allowing the betting app to send you notifications, it will let you know of any big changes in matches you are watching, if your bets win or other information you subscribe to.

Betway App

The favorite cricket betting app according to our cricket betting experts is hands down coming from Betway. They recently launched their official betting app in India, and has become a massive success among their players.

Here are some of the advantages offered by the Betway app:

  • Old and trusted betting site
  • Caters to Indian market
  • Generous welcome bonus and weekly free bets
  • Plenty of deposit options
  • Huge cricket betting markets
  • Amazing mobile app

They are not a newcomer to the online betting market having operated since 2006, but they are new to the Indian online betting market. They see that people in India love to bet, and very much so on cricket, and are looking to expand to their market there. This paves the way for good things like their exclusive India 100% deposit bonus up to ₹30,000 if you are a new customer.

Screenshot of the Betway App

Read more about our thoughts in our Betway review.

ComeOn App

New to the Indian market, but not new to online betting is the Swedish brand ComeOn. Their success in Europe brings them over to India, and they are very well-versed in catering to mobile users with their offerings.

Arizona poker tournament schedule. Prominent ComeOn betting app features:

  • Slick design
  • Blazing fast
  • Great betting market for cricket
  • Exclusive welcome offer with OCB

ComeOn has long been a major brand in the Scandinavian and European countries, but are now making their way to newer markets. With them they have plenty of experience in the betting markets and knows how to service a niche market.

Screenshot of the ComeOn App

With India they understand that you need a betting app or mobile compatibility to be able to offer anything of interest, and both their mobile website and app are very good in our experience. Combined with good markets for cricket betting and decent promotions, we expect to be using this much for the upcoming cricket series this year.

Take a closer look at what ComeOn has to offer in our full review of them.

In addition to the points we laid out above, we always find it important to test any online betting app you want to use properly before you commit any real money to your account.

Signing up to a betting site is free, as is the app, so it doesn't cost you much more than time to check out how an app both work and feel on your mobile device.

Betting Apps in India

Mobile usage has increased massively over the latest years, and the growth has been even greater in India. Naturally, the market for apps, and also betting apps in India, has grown accordingly.

Lotus Bet App

The market for online betting in India have seen a massive growth as well in the recent years, much thanks to the phenom that is the Indian Premier League, and Indians thirst for IPL betting. Plenty of online betting sites are left behind in the old times where they are only catering to their users through desktop, with a slightly modified responsive website for mobile users.

Betting sites that are worth your time and money though, they have gotten with the times and made an effort to go that extra mile for their users in India, and those should be given their due, like 10CRIC for example:

10CRIC App

10CRIC is a betting site that is only available for Indian bettors. Their betting app is tailor made for Indian players, and offer plenty of betting options and lots of promotions - just like on their website.

10CRIC app features:

  • Indian players only
  • Large serving of promotions and offersr
  • Plenty of deposit options
  • Mobile app for android and iPhone
  • Markets for India favorite sports

They have only operated since late 2018, but 10CRIC have established themselves as one of the premiere betting sites in India. With their hyperfocus on the Indian betting market and massive influx of promotions, you cannot go wrong using them.

Screenshot of the 10CRIC App

You will also find that 10CRIC has paid attention to what matters to Indian players and added betting apps - both for Android and iPhone users. This makes things way easier if you want to bet on the go with 10CRIC. Their website is quite good for mobile users even if you don't want to use their app, so no worries if you prefer the mobile browser version.

Read more about 10CRIC.

There are plenty of other solid betting apps for Indian players you can try out as well, like Betway, ComeOn and many others. If you go ahead with some our top recommendations we are sure you will not be dissappointed.

Betting Apps for Android

Here are some of our top recommended Android betting apps:

  1. Betway App
  2. 10CRIC App
  3. ComeOn App

You'll find that our top list for Android is much the same as for online betting apps in general, and that is for good reason - most of the betting sites focus on offering an app to Android users first and foremost. This is not because Apple is worse or necessarily inferior to Android, but simply because the market share of Android is almost 95% in India. Make sense to focus your efforts an Android apps in this case.

One thing to note though is that most of the apps you will encounter needs to be downloaded directly from the betting sites and not from Google Play as you usually would do. The reason for this is simply that Google are very strict on allowing gambling apps into their store, and most simply stay away from it all together.

But it doesn't take to much effort as you simply need to visit your favorite betting site and find their download link for the APK or Android Package.

Betting Apps for iPhone

Our best recommended iPhone betting apps:

  1. Betway App
  2. 10CRIC App
  3. ComeOn App

Apple and the App store are a bit more relaxed when it comes to allowing gambling related apps, and here you will see more of them offered. As we talked about before, the penetration of iOS in India is not that great, and thus the focus of the bookmakers has not been on this side of development.

This is noticeable as well as most of the apps offered here are quite lacklustre. Some of them are simply a skin for their whole website and nothing more. Might as well just go to their website through your web browser then.

Still there are some of the betting sites that have put in some effort, and you can check out our list of the top ones here if you don't want to wade through them all to find the top one.

Online Betting Apps FAQ

Yes. All our recommended betting apps have been verified to use proper encryption and SSL coding to ensure your personal information is safe.

A betting app is just an extension of a betting site. So if betting sites are legal, then betting apps in turn should also be legal in your jurisdiction.

  1. Betway

    100% up to ₹10,000

  2. ComeOn

    100% up to ₹35,000

  3. 1xBet

    100% up to ₹8,000

  4. Sportsbet.io

    300% up to ₹3,000

  5. Bet365

    Up to ₹4,000 in Bet Credits

A make-up beauty competition in Nanning. Photo: VCG.

The proliferation of social media and interactive smartphone-based apps has demonstrated that e-marketing is an irreversible trend. A 2016 McKinsey report shows that over 44 percent of all luxury goods sales are influenced by Internet research or online buzz. That means, even if not all social media users are buying, you want your brand followers and onlookers to talk about you on the Internet. In the case of China, the latest battlefield is beauty camera apps, which have become an overnight hit in the West.

1. MeituPic
Social media addicts might remember this: sometime around January this year, our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds were bombarded with images of then-U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin with their eyes dewey and their skin pale and powder-puff pretty. Those exaggerated facial alterations — which some jokingly referred to as nightmares — were made possible by MeituPic 美图秀秀, a Chinese smartphone-based photo-editing app that allows users to tweak their selfies with Instagram-like filters, Snapchat-style stickers and facial feature enhancement tools.

Developed by the Xiamen-based Meitu Inc, Meitu Pic is the company’s flagship beauty camera app and was the first to become a big hit among Western users. Last December, Meitu Inc completed a $629 million IPO in Hong Kong. But it rose to widespread popularity back in 2008, soon after its launch that year when it captured the desire by China’s smartphone generation to look attractive online. The app has drawn some 456 million users, who use it to post more than 6 billion photos every month.

Recommended ReadingIn China, Premium Cosmetics Surpassed Mass Beauty Brands in 2016

In addition to MeituPic, Meitu Inc has developed a series of beauty camera apps such as Beauty Plus, Poster Labs and Meipai, each specializing in facial feature enhancement, video editing and many other features.

Luxury brands have already cottoned to the potential of reaching out to young, affluent Chinese consumers who hope to express themselves through fashion and beauty camera apps such as MeituPic. Last November, Fendi partnered with Meitu Inc, which allowed its users to apply filters and stickers to their photos with fashion elements from Fendi’s Hypnoteyes Capsule Collection. The fun features attracted many well-known Chinese fashion bloggers such as Gogoboi to share their photos, further promoting both the brand and the apps.

2. Makeup Plus
Makeup Plus 美妆相机 is developed by Meitu Inc, our first app on the list, but this app is worth mentioning separately as it represents the company’s latest move to integrate luxury goods branding into the everyday photo-editing experience.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, Makeup Plus can accurately detect a user’s facial features and apply virtual makeup—eyeshadow, mascara products and even hair styles—to the user’s selfie. Take lipstick as an example. When users upload their selfies to Makeup Plus, they choose lip colors designed by different cosmetics brans such as YSL, Clinique and Dior and apply them to to their selfies in real time, with unique finishes such as “matte,” “cream,” “bitten” and “glossy.” If a user likes it, they can buy the product with one simple click on their phone.

Recommended ReadingWeChat’s Transformative Role for Beauty Brands in China

Some of the makeup options offered in the app are designed by well-known beauty bloggers including Pearypie and Nikkie as Makeup Plus is also trying to engage with consumers and luxury brands who closely follow or work with fashion KOLs.

While it is still too early to see statistics, the app is viewed as a hopeful advertising experiment to test whether Chinese beauty-conscious smartphone users with the means to try out their favorite brands virtually would be motivated to make purchases.

3. Pitu
Tian Tian Pi Tu, 天天P图 (which literally means “Photoshop Photos Every Day”), or simply Pitu in English, is a beauty app developed by China’s Internet giant Tencent. Similar to other photo-editing apps, Pitu offers a number of beautifying filters, blemish removing tools and virtual makeup options for users to choose from. Its AR technology helps the app to accurately apply fun stickers and makeup products to a user’s selfie.

Launched in 2014, Pitu has accumulated 106 million monthly active users (MAUs). While the number is not as impressive as that of Meitu’s apps, some argue that the user base of Tencent’s gaming products and chat applications, such as QQ and WeChat, gives Pitu great potential for further growth. According to Chinese app watchers, Pitu’s target audience is younger and more individualized than that of MeituPic. 80 percent of Pitu’s users are younger than 25, giving the app more room to try out more bold features.

Recommended ReadingFrom Gogoboi to Mr. Bags: These Are the Fashion Bloggers Shaping China’s Luxury Industry (Part 1)

In June 2017, Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand Bulgari partnered with Pitu to promote Serpenti, its latest hexagon sunglass series. Pitu users can easily try out the different colors of the luxurious sunglasses by applying the specially designed selfie-stickers that look just like products from the Serpenti series. Within three days of the campaign’s debut, millions of users had tried the feature.

4. FaceU
In contrast with most other beauty apps, FaceU, 激萌, focuses more on the social feature, encouraging users to video chat with friends and even strangers while playing with its fun stickers — and the strategy is undoubtedly working.

Launched in 2016, the app, which mainly targets female users between 15 and 35, has twice made it onto the Apple store’s Chart for top apps. Having attracted over 250 million registered users by March 2017, the app, according to a report, enjoys the highest user stickiness among major camera apps. In the same month, FaceU completed its Series B financing with “tens of millions of dollars” in investment led by Meitu Inc.

Recommended Reading10 Live-Streaming Apps Luxury Brands Need to Know in 2017

Earlier this year, luxury brand Michael Kors launched a social media campaign on WeChat in collaboration with FaceU to promote its “Mercer” leather handbag and “Love” sweater in the Chinese market. Users can apply a special sticker to their selfies, upload the Michael Kors-themed short videos to social media channels and enter a chance to win a handbag or a bottle of the brand’s perfume.

5. Camera360
Camera360, one of China’s earliest smartphone-based photo-editing apps, is owned by a Chengdu-based company called Pinguo Technology. According to the company, Camera360, its flagship product, has over 200 million users worldwide who produce millions of photographs, on average, per day.

There are more than 200 filters available on Camera360, where users can also add live face effects and stickers to their photos. Many celebrities and Western companies have chosen to work with Camera360 to promote their shows and movies in the Chinese market.

Last year when Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book The BFG was released in China, the producers launched a promotional campaign in collaboration with Camera360. With the built-in AR technology on the app, users can scan movie posters at different locations and were given a chance to win The BFG-themed products.


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