Dolphins Pearl

Dolphins Pearl

марта 11 2021

Dolphins Pearl

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Dolphins Pearl Big Win

The Dolphins Pearl online game is one of the most popular and successful slot games available online due to a number of different reasons. The reasons behind the games huge number of fans is the fact that the slot game has an outstanding theme supported by market leading visual and sound effects. The game play of the Dolphins Pearl online game is of the highest possible standard and includes some very exciting and potentially lucrative bonus features. The theme of the Dolphins Pearl online slot is set underwater in the tropical Caribbean seas, the underwater setting is a popular one with players, and features human’s favourite creature the Dolphin. The theme is a wonderful one as it combines some very interesting elements like the warm tropical seas and the much loved Dolphin creature. The player when they accept the challenge of playing the Dolphins Pearl online game is placed into the role of a diver swimming the Caribbean seas. The diver has to swim and try to find the pearl mussel that equals great wealth and on this search they can enlist the Dolphins help to find the pearl. It is crucial that the visual and sound effects are of the highest possible standard to allow the player to enjoy this theme.

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The visual effects of the Dolphins Pearl online slot are excellent as they manage to recreate the games theme brilliantly well. The visual effects consist of three different elements these include the background, title text and the symbols. The background of the Dolphins Pearl online slot is creating an underwater environment for players which looks fantastic. The image displayed is a blue colour with the top of the screen turning a lighter shade of blue to symbolize the surface and the bottom shows rocks and seaweed. The background is also a moving image where the bubbles race to the surface and the seaweed waves with the current. The symbols used in the Dolphins Pearl online game are all centered on the nautical theme and include seahorses, crabs, and a school of fish, stingray, Dolphin and the pearl mussel. The symbols are all displayed in beautiful animation with bright and very vibrant colours that really bring the fish to life on the screen. The symbols in the Dolphins Pearl online game has an additional visual effect where if they manage to create a winning line combination they start swimming across the screen. This swimming effect is an excellent 3D visual effect that greatly enhances the appearance of the slot.

The title text of the Dolphins Pearl online game is displayed at the centre and top of the games main screen. The text is displayed in silver and gold italic font to recreate the colour of the Pearl and placed in the middle of the text is a pearl mussel image. The combination of the different visual elements of the slot creates a treat for player’s eyes that really allows them to feel like they are deep underwater. The sound effects of the Dolphins Pearl online slot are truly excellent as they manage to further enhance the games theme to players. The sounds of the slot are nautical based electronic tones that are cleverly designed to allow the player to think they are underwater. The various winning line combinations in the Dolphins Pearl online casino slot game all have their own sound effect that’s played when they are rolled into the reels. The bonus features in the Dolphins Pearl online slot also have their own sounds that are played to signify when they have been activated. The sound effects in the game manage to complete the games theme delivery to players brilliantly and are an element that players will really enjoy.

Dolphin's Pearl has an underwater world thematic, so it's quite easy to guess, that there will be lots of interesting symbols. Stylized under kelp, letters, and numbers will be your ordinary icons, while participants of underwater fauna will pay the most. Dolphin’s Pearl is one of the free dolphin games that has a clean and modern interface with a soothing sea background along with colourful sea plants. There are a standard set of cards symbols like J, Q, K, and A in addition to numbers 9 and 10. These represent the lower values in the game.

The game play of the Dolphins Pearl online slot is of the highest possible standard and is the most important part of the game for players. The slot operates on a five reel and ten win line format giving players a moderate amount of selection over the win lines. The Dolphins Pearl online slot has three bonus features that are crucially important for players to fully understand and try to activate. The first of the bonuses available to players is the scatter feature which is represented by the pearl mussel symbol. The pearl mussel symbol has to be spun into the screen three times to activate the feature which is fifteen free spins to the player. The fifteen free spins pay the player at a multiplier of three which creates a potentially very profitable bonus for players. The next feature up for grabs in the Dolphins Pearl online game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the Dolphin symbol. The Dolphin symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol, except the pearl, to help create a winning line. The overall aim of the slot game is to line up a winning line of five symbols across the five reels.

The different symbols in the Dolphins Pearl online game all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the pay table. The pay table can be opened by pressing the pay table button at the bottom right of the games main screen. The final bonus feature up for grabs in the Dolphins Pearl online game is the gamble feature which gives players a fifty / fifty bet where they can double or lose their winnings. This is obviously a very risky bet as players can lose their entire prize fund so it therefore an optional feature. Coin master whatsapp group. The choice of accepting or declining the bonus in the Dolphins Pearl online game is one which players must take very seriously. If the player accepts and guesses the feature correctly they can repeat it to raise their prize fund even further. The combination of these three bonuses in the Dolphins Pearl online game is fantastic and creates a very exciting, fun and lucrative playing experience. The theme of the game is lots of fun and players will love the chance to play with one of humans favourite creatures in an underwater environment.

Visit the dolphin kingdom

Dolphin’s Pearl by Novomatic and overall underwater treasures must be among the most popular themes used for slot machines – and for a good reason, too! The oceans depths, hidden from the prying humans, have managed to remain relatively untouched to this day, spurring lots of myths and legends. Pick and choose any tale you like – who knows, maybe you’ll turn out to be right? Novomatic software is offering its own take on the Poseidon’s kingdom in Dolphins Pearl, a beautiful online casino game.

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Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Slot

Dolphins, these cute underwater mammals, are known as friendly helpers, who quickly come to aid the distressed humans. And this game is no exception – the dolphins will help any brave gambler to get to the coveted jackpot in just a couple of spins. Play a bit for free, and be sure to grab somo of our latest bonuses. Of course, you may opt to play for free – in this case the cute underwater dwellers will entertain you with fun antics throughout the game. Leave all your worries behind you and go deep underwater, where the weather is always good, the mood friendly and the treasures abundant. Are you ready for a thrilling holiday?

Dolphins Pearl

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