Burning Hot 20 Slot

Burning Hot 20 Slot

марта 07 2021

Burning Hot 20 Slot

Play Burning Hot slot machine online developed by the software provider, EGT (Euro Games Technology) to receive a whale of a time. Inspired by the more nostalgic and classic casino style, what with the fruits and lucky charms, the Burning Hot slot is all about giving gamblers the true gambling experience but with neat twists and turns. While no fire is involved per say, you will definitely feel like you’re on fire when you hit the multitude of winning streaks that the Burning Hot game has to offer. Whether you’re into classic casino games but still need something extra to spice things up, then this is the casino game that will satisfy that curiosity.

Burning Hot 20 Slot

Rules to the Game

Burning Hot 20 Slot

Play 20 Burning Hot and over 1,200 Slingo, online slots and casino games. Enjoy our exciting blend of slots and bingo at the official Slingo site! 20 Burning Hot is a slot machine by EGT. According to the number of players searching for it, 20 Burning Hot is a moderately popular slot. It's not up there with the most widely-known titles, but it has captured the attention of some slot machine players, so give it a try for free to see for yourself. The 20 Burning Hot video slot has a five-reel set-up, with u to 20 paylines, and this is actually where EGT got the idea of this title. It offers only 5 paylines, but with several features that include wilds (clovers). 20 Burning Hot Features Clovers are used to represent the Wild, and you can use it to replace the regular symbols.

Burning Hot casino slot online is available to play for real money, or you can play the Burning Hot free version online to get some practice. Here is how to the rules work:

  • The game is a standard 5x3 reel slot machine with a total number of 5 play lines to win payouts on.

  • The standard paying symbols are not the traditional card numbers you would find in most casinos. Instead, they are the different variations of fruits that are found there instead. These are what you receive when setting with the smallest bet you can make.

  • The grapes, oranges, cherries and lemons offer the smallest rewards, between 10-100, once appearing in the required number on a grid.

  • The ringing bell symbol has the second highest award, with an offering between 20-200.

  • The watermelon and the groups of grapes have the second highest award, offering between 40-500.

  • The lucky number 7, a classic casino sign, has the highest standard payout which awards between 10-3,000.

  • The Wild symbol of the game is the lucky four-leaf clover. This only appears on reel 2, 3 and 4. This substitutes for all other signs in the game except for the Scatters. This allows gaps to be filled in possible combinations.

  • There are two Scatters in this game. There are the golden dollar sign and the purple star. These can activate the special bonus round if you can achieve three or more.

Play Burning Hot for real money by applying your strategy and after learning the bits and bobs. Unlike other casinos, this uses a betting system that works differently in terms of coin and their value size. The blue button allows the player to adjust how many credits they can use, which are worth a set amount. Up to 3 credits can be selected. From there, you can change even more by adjusting how much the credit is worth. This can be as little as 10 all the way up to 300 with just all three credits. When converted into real money, the smallest bet the player can make is a $5.00 with one credit. The maximum amount of money that can be placed into the machine is $300.00 with the max 3 credits.

The RTP is calculated at around 96.49%. An auto-spin button is available which can allow players to spin the reels with a pre-determined betting setting automatically. Simply press the button again to stop the spinning. A max button can also be used to automatically set the max betting amount to spin with.

The jackpot of the game is won through achieving a combination of five lucky 7 symbols on all reels within a single payline. As mentioned before, this can win the player up to 3,000 with just 1 credit. With all three credits and the max setting of 300, a player can win a massive jackpot of up to 180,000. That directly translates into $180,000.00 when using real money to bet. Here are a few tips and tricks to help maximise this winning even without free spins feature.

How to Succeed in the Game

The Wilds offer even more function then simply just filling in the gaps to that casino players can score some wins. They are actually used in stacks to score multiple wins. If the Wild is able to be in a combination and scores a payout, then the rest of the symbols on that reel also turn into the four-leaf clovers, meaning another possible combination can be scored if there is one on the other paylines.

Next, there is the Scatters. There is not one but two Scatters in this game. If three or more of them land on the reels, this activates the game’s special bonus round. “Jackpot Cards” is a four, level mystery jackpot that can involve the players selecting 3 out of twelve cards. The player must receive a 3 of the same card suit of that level in order to progress and earn more money. Level 1 is the club, level 2 is the diamond, level 3 is the heart, and level 4 is the spade. Up to 1,000 coins can be won from this mini-game.

There is also a gamble feature that can be activated to double your winnings if you choose to guess the correct colour of the next card. Either red or black. This can double $180,000.00 to $360,000.00.

Parting Thought

Burning Hot does everything it can to make sure that the classic casino feeling isn’t lost while also adding all of these extra new features to make it more interesting for newcomers. It’s a great way to cover all the possible aspects that can appear in other games while still maintaining what makes casinos online fun in the first place. Enjoying a simple entertainment that lets players win extra money through fun creativity and not cheats. Even the regular old icons of slot machines are replaced with more eye-catching ones, like the variety of fruit used. Let’s just hope it doesn’t make players too hungry.

20 Burning Hot (EGT)

With online casino developers, there are many ways to skin the cat, and one such way is by improving on the features of an already existing game. This is the strategy that EGT has used on 20 Burning Hot video slot, a game that is a replica of the original, but one that has a few additional features that correct the flaws that were in the original.

Here is my unbiased review of 20 Burning Hot:

Game Set-Up

The 20 Burning Hot video slot has a five-reel set-up, with u to 20 paylines, and this is actually where EGT got the idea of this title. It offers only 5 paylines, but with several features that include wilds(clovers).

20 Burning Hot Features

Clovers are used to represent the Wild, and you can use it to replace the regular symbols. It appears in the image of a four-leaf clover, and it's strategically placed at the three middle reels.

The slot has two versions of scatter symbols, but none is connected to any bonus round. The scatter has the icon of a dollar, and they will occasionally appear on any of the reels. To benefit from them, you will need to land at least 3 on the reels, for them to reward you.

1950 d wheat penny. The other version of the scatters will appear only on the 1st 3rd and 5th reels, and in the form of a star. You will need three of such starts on the reels to get paid by this version of the scatters.

A majority of EGT games come with a mystery jackpot, and this is the same case with 20 Burning Hot. It’s a random feature that you can trigger on any of the slot’s spins. The feature is represented by what the developer calls Jackpot Cards, and once its triggered, triggered, you will be redirected to the second screen that consists of 12 face-down cards. From these cards, pick the three correspondings, and you will be paid the price indicated on them.

If you want a bit of a challenge, you can try your hand on the optional gamble feature available. This involves guessing the correct colour of the card facing down, and if you do it right, the slot will double your winnings. Unfortunately, a wrong guess will see you lose your winnings.

Theme and Design

The symbols on this video slot are not new, and they are the same ones that have been used many times on slots with this theme. Regular ones are represented by fruits like lemons, plums, oranges, and cherries, while larger ones come as watermelons, grapes, and bells. The highest paying symbol is the 7.

Burning Hot 20 Slot Machines


Burning Hot 20 Slot Machine

20 Burning Hot is an improved version of a previous title by EGT. It’s a great choice for all level of players, particularly if you enjoy classic-themed video slots.

Burning Hot 20 Slot

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