Bethard Free Spins

Bethard Free Spins

марта 09 2021

Bethard Free Spins


bethard.com is an online Gambling platform, registered in Malta, licensed in the European Union, working with game providers like QUICKSPIN, NETEN, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, SBTech, SOFTBET and more offering Online Casino, Live Casino as well as some rare Gambling options like Sports Betting, Live Game Shows and Fantasy Sports.

Responsible Gaming

Bethard’s team, while extremely focused on being modern and creative in their work, satisfying, entertaining and positively surprising their users in their gambling experience, is also focused on providing safety to the online gamblers. Cyber frauds and scams have increased along with security methods, and bethard.com understands the importance of keeping up with the changing environment. Sometimes players can feel addicted to gambling and instead of having fun it can penetrate into their practical life creating problems like financial stress, less time dedicated to job and frustration. In which case, there are a number of solutions offered. One effective prevention strategy is to use the limits option.

Free Slots

Play session limit: Use this limit to control how much time you spend on the site

Deposit Limit: Use this limit to control how much you can deposit at most in a timeframe

Loss limit: Use this limit to stop your losses. If within a certain time frame you lose more than the limit, you can’t play anymore and need to rest.

Bethard free spins slots

Wager limits: Use this limit to control how much you can bet on games within a time period. This might be one of the most effective methods to prevent losses and waste of time waste.

  1. Get the highest win in one spin and climb up the Leaderboard to win of of the following prices: 1.-5. Place: 25 Superspins (1€) 6.-10. Place: 25 Big Spins (0,4€) 11.-50. Place: 25 Freespins (0,2€) Freespins will be credited at the Slot: Dark King Forbidden Riches This tournament is running until the 7th October.
  2. Bethard Casino Free Spins While there are no free spins on offer from the welcome bonus offer, Bethard does offer an interesting bonus in conjunction with their range of Quickspin games. When you play games by this producer you collect tokens towards earning Quickspin Achievements.

Bethard Free Spins. A good casino simply cannot be the one that has no free spins, right? If you agree on that, then we have some good news for you. Bethard casino offers everyone a bunch of free spins – up to 730 extra spins in total! 650 + 80 signup free spins, to be exact! You can choose whether you want to claim them.

Besides these limits, you can take a more significant measure which is the self exclusion program. When you think that gambling is no longer entertaining and that it is penetrating your real life in a negative way, than before your issue develops further you can use this program to take a complete break from using the site for a given period of time. Bethard’s team will be waiting to entertain you once you are back and feel like you have control over things.
There is also a long list of recommendations from the bethard’s team that can help you improve your gambling experience and keep things in check, all written on the site.

No underaged allowed. It is important that people below the age of 18, by law, should not be allowed to play and therefore prevention method is integrated in the registration process

Sports Betting

Sports betting is often considered much more thrilling that regular gambling games. Sports gambling is still a much less found service in Online casinos, and Bethard Casino in 2021 seems to be one of the few committed to offering it. Imagine someone who is a sports fanatic and like following players and teams to the closest, they might have better chances at betting and winning on a certain team than someone else. The slightly increased predictability of sports betting together with prolonged experience (since matches last longer than a dice rollings) and an always shadowing possibility of a complete game turnaround(because anything can happen in a game) is what makes Sports betting an experience in a league of its own.

On the top there are two options, first one ‘Sports Betting’ second one ‘Live Betting’. They are both basically about Sports, and the only difference is that ‘Live Betting’ is about games that are currently in progress, and ‘Sports Betting’ also shows scheduled matches.

At Bethard, you can wager on all kinds of sports like Football, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Horse Racing, Cricket, Baseball, American Football, Rugby, Golf, Cycling, Speedway, Boxing, Futsal, Table Tennis, Winter Sports, Beach Volleyball, Badminton, MMA, Surfing, Netball, Gaelic Football, Gaelic Hurling, Pesapallo, Muay Thai Sport, Politics, and even ESports and some Special Sports. The fact that there is an option to bet on all kinds of spots, including the common ones like football and less common but more cultural ones like Gaelic Football or Muay Thai Sport attracts a large variety of audience.

If you go to Football betting, there is a Robina City FC vs Southport SC match going on. The ‘X = 2.50’ shows the payoff for every $1 you bet on it.

Moreover, there are more situations to bet on. If you bet on hope that both teams will score then there is a payoff of $2.10 for every $1, and so on there are a list of possible scenarios that can happen besides the final win or lose which makes the betting more fun, a chance to bet more. IT is especially suitable for the self proclaimed experts who think they can predict the game more than just win/loss.

Not feeling sure of something? Scroll to the bottom left and there is a ‘Betting rules’ button. This section contains full betting details of each game, in order to clarify results determination and betting rules. The fact that each game’s rules are defined separately, while it gives more work to Bethard Casino’s Hard working team it also give more freedom to accurately define games and flexibility to fit descriptions of each game accordingly.

Online Casino

For the mainstream gamblers who like fun online casino games, there is a lot to offer at bethard.com .The three major choices are Slots, Table Games, Instant wIn and Jackpots.

Slot Games

Slots is one of the most popular game category, a que of big machines, each with one fat screen, a big fancy lever, a few big buttons and a clinging hope of wiping the floor with coins is usually what a newbie gambler imagines when they think of going to a Casino. It’s not for no reason that Slots have remained an all time classic and favourite of a majority, the fact that they are simple, yet exciting and one could keep going at them for hours is the simplicity which distinguishes them.

There is a variety of Slot games offered at Casino Bethard including:

  • Vikings Go Wild
  • Pied Piper
  • Ocean’s Secret
  • Magic Stars 3
  • Crystal Crush
  • Highway to Hell

And so many more!

Turn Your Fortune is another exciting Slot game by Netent.
It is a high graphics, 5-reel, 4-row, 40-line game featuring Wilds, and free spins. Wilds substitute for all other symbols and their payoff is the highest of any combination in the playtable.

The game is made more fun because of Fortune Wins, which is a coin game with 5 levels. Each level has 5 steps and the amount of rewards also increase the chance of getting a payoff of 2000 times!

Not feeling sure? There is always an option to play in demo mode. This option is available for a lot of casino games, so whenever you are not feeling sure of your luck or not well aware of the game, a great idea to try it out in a trial mode and then wager real money once you feel like a champ!

Table Games

For those who like rolling dice or flipping cards, Table Games is a great category. Table games are a variety of very entertaining and independant games to offer including Baccarat, Blackjack Classic, Roulette, Jacks or better and more.

Lighting roulette is a well established original roulette game. Players can bet on reds or blacks, odds or evens, first half of numbers or second half of numbers, first twelve, second twelve or third twelve sub-section of numbers, a cross section of a set of 12 numbers. In addition, there is a chance to bet on a unique combination of Tier, Zero, Voisins and Orphelins with lower probability and higher payoff. To add more thrill, there is a golder ‘0’ number which exists just once in the entire game. Naturally it is least likely to occur but also most rewarding. Betting on a single number is called ‘straight up’ and has a payoff ranging from 29 to 499 times! This is an unusually large payoff for the immense risk, try your luck on a special lucky number you have called all your life and see how it goes!

Payoff for even or odds, black or reds is just 1 to 1, due to the almost 50% probability of winning.

All in all, it is a very realistic game, high graphics, full functions and a complete guide available on top right. Just hit the button on the top right and a list of all rules, payoffs, gambling terminologies will be explained with clarity.


Jackpot games are fun due to to increasing rewards, risk and more dynamic games. What makes Jackpot games exciting, is that often Jackpots can be integrated into other games, like into a Slot game or a Table game, increasing the excitement and worth of that game by several folds.

Among the vast variety of Jackpot games available there is, Mercy of the Gods, Divine Fortune, Dragon Chase Rapid, Mega Fortune, Mega Joker, Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

One of the Jackpot games available at Bethard Casino is MegaJoker, a 3-reel, 5-line slot game featuring basic mode, supermeter mode and progressive jackpot. 3-reel slot games are considered one of the most vintage classics of slot games, unfortunately they have dropped in numbers due to increasing scatter, wild bonuses and complexity of games replacing with 4-reel or more common 5-reel slot games. The thrill is added to MegaJoker due to progressive jackpot and supermeter mode. Anytime you win in one of the rounds, you can enter the supermeter mode, if you choose not to cash out, Supermeter plays have their own optimized rewards and a number of winning bet lines, not just the tradition straight line but also diagonal lines. This takes the user to the Progressive Jackpot. In a progressive jackpot, each time the game is player, a 3% of the bet is added to the jackpot. The jackpot amount changes with time, but usually is an extremely large amount, truly worth the wait.

Not feeling sure? There is always a prevailing live chat button on bottom-left. Just click it anytime in order to receive support from the www.bethard.com staff. Live chat is one of the most convenient forms of support, and luckily it is available on this site.

Instant Win

While most Online Casinos only have typical Casino games for classic Gamblers, there is also a unique variety added in the Instant Win section of games. The variety includes Freecell, Ludo, Solitaire, BlackGammon. Anyone remembers these from their Pentium 3, 90s PCs, built-in games?

YES! Who doesn’t remember Freecell. Many have spent years off their school vacations and even college vacations for some, back in the days on this game. Well it is not back but with so much more thrill. It’s a nostalgic ride.

You win a chance for a free spin, a Jackpot spin by solving the solitaire. However, the more skilled you are the higher the payoff. With 4 free cells, chances of solving the game are much higher, therefore the payoff is 1 to 1, while for just 1 free cell, chances are lower and so the payoff is 4 to 1. Even further, with 0 free cells, the payout ratio is 350 times!

Live Casino

For those who are craving for a land based casino, they can not satisfy their needs all the while not having to move from in front of their chairs. Live Casino is the most realistic thing on Casino Bethard, it’s like 3D!

Yes! This is the same Lightening roulette from before, getting more real now. The exciting part about Live Casino is there is a live chat room on the left. Its a chance to talk to other gamblers about practically everything, from weather and life to gambling strategies and more! The goosebumps in Live games are unique because now you are betting against real people not just the computer.

There is a variety of Live Games available including several variations of Roulette, an exclusive BethardCasino Live Blackjack, Baccarat, Blackjack and all the elegant, classic gold gambling games are available in Live mode for the extra fun. Jackpots in Live Lightning Roulette, and Lightening Dice are upto 500x, which is going to be like an electric shock once you hit it.

Live Game Shows

Deal or no deal is a game replicated in many TV shows, shown in many countries and is one of the most exciting games in Gambling. Users are given one briefcase and are shown a number of briefcases in front of them. Each brief case is closed and has a winning amount written inside. As you open a briefcase, it becomes an option out, which means you lose that reward. The rewards range from extremely small to extremely large so if you open the briefcase with a large amount you lose the big reward. Your probability of what you will win and chances changes as you open briefcases. The banker will make an offer and the objective is to predict that you can get a bigger amount from briefcase.

Fantasy Game

Fantasy Game is one of a kind entertainment, a chance to win huge rewards along with fun. In Fantasy Game, you can choose Football, MMA, BAsketball and Hockey. If you choose football, you can create a team of 11 players, substitutes, Captains and Vice captains. You must strategies and position your players in order to have them win. It is a virtual game so game result depends on strategy (Your

Strategy!) and a bit of luck, and rewards are massive.

By clicking on the ‘Details’ button you can see the Overview, Fixtures (which teams are matched up against who), Entries (Which team stands where in the points table, with wins losses and scores). Prizes (How much you will win? First rank is awarded €50,000, Second rank €25,000 and goes down to small rewards even for teams ranking 1250th! It’s all an excuse to get rewards to basically everyone) and finally the Rules.

Among the list of thorough rules, some of them state that one user can create more than one fantasy team.

The tournament lasts over several weeks and participation cost is just €25, with an option to use 2 wild cards!


Feeling like you are having a bad day? Want something extra to give you a little push? There are a bundle of promotions available at www.bethard.com for all kinds of gambling, which offer free spins, match bonuses, chances to win Jackpots and so much more!

  • Welcome Offer – Sport: Hi there newcomers! There is a warm sports welcome bonus of 100%, up to €50 as soon as you make your first deposit. This is for Sports betting for the sport lovers, just keep your eyes on the field! Bonus code available in details.
  • Welcome Offer – Casino: Hi there newcomers! There is another warm casino welcome bonus of 100%, up to €100. This is for Casino, so keep the slots spinning if that’s your thing.
  • Welcome Offer – Live Casino: Hi again newcomers! There is another warm Live casino Welcome bonus of 100%, up to €200. This is for Live Casino, so play the real thing with the real thrill and a small headstart to give you a boost,
  • Big Spin Winners: By playing selected slots and winning big amounts from a single spin, players can get a share in a €25,000 prize! The Qualifying Slots are John Hunter and the Azlec Treasures, Egyptian Fortunes, Da Vinci’s Treasure Mustang Gold, Gold Rush, Pirate Gold. Out of the prize pool, 1st position gets €5,000, 2nd Position gets €3000, 3rd Position gets €1000, 4-5th Position gets €500, 6 – 50th Position gets €100, 51st – 100th Position gets 50 and lastly 101st – 500th Position get €20.
  • Quickspin Achievements: Collect Bonus-Triggering Tokens, a reward for the loyal players, for their appreciated loyalty. This feature is available in any quickspin games, with a token sign being displayed. In each game there is an installed even and a following achievement, e.g. ‘I love wilds’ when you collect a lot of wilds. If you click the token symbol, you will see the list of achievements, your progress, title and the rewards. By completing achievements, tokens are provided which can be used on free spins. Bonus code is available in detail section.
  • Cash Out: It’s no longer all or nothing. This is a unique offer and a very helpful once, constructed from a gambler’s perspective. The idea is that when you are playing a game, and feel like the tide is close to turning around against you, then you can forfeit the bet while the match is in progress. It quite like running away with the profit at hand before the match ends. Just go to ‘My Bets’ and click on cash out. This is a handy feature which can save players a lot of money.

Registration and General

The website is available in several languages including UK English, Swedish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Canadian English.

Registration process is fairly simply, just click sign up which requires basic details like email, full name, date of birth, a password to be chosen, address.

Payment Methods are quite open, Credit/Debit card are acceptable, whether they are Visa or MasterCard.

While there is no mobile app or offline software for download, the website is mobile supported


Bethard Free Spins Casino

Casino Bethard is a very customer oriented online casino. They have designed a very unique collection of Games which can attract a large amount of audience. The website design, user interface is also very smooth and eye catching. Naturally, not everyone will understand all formats, and therefore there is a support team to help the players. Before one thinks that they need support, there is a vast list of FAQs, Betting Rules and help section for each and every game that tries to clarify everything for that game. If that is not enough, the support team is available to help. How to reach them? First is a direct email contact, which you can reach by scrolling down and clicking ‘contact us’. The email team will provide help as soon as possible. A more handy. Second, is a more handy method, just click on the floating ‘live chat’ button on the bottom right and a chat agent’s message will trigger up. Usually the agent will provide enough guidance to clear out the issues.

Our verdict

In conclusion, BethardCasino is a great Casino for a variety of different audiences. While they offer all Casino games, the Live Casino and Sports Betting are less found features and are well developed to enthusiastic players. The Fantasy Sports and Live Game Shows are even rarer entertainment routes, and the fact that they are developed so well in this game simply adds so much life to the Casino given the trend of 2021. Built from a customer perspective, to satisfy customers to their fullest and keeping them entertained all the while being ethical and responsible, giving gamblers a chance to take breaks or gamble in moderation is truly a uniquely found trait. Bethards team considers gambling as entertainment and not a source of making money or something to be addicted to, which adds morality to the site, making it an attractive online Gambling platform.

by Brandon Webster

Bethard quick facts

Established: 2012

Owner: Bethard Group ltd

Gambling license: MGA

Offers: Casino, Live Casino, Sports

Welcome offer? Yes

Bethard Casino is a gambling site belonging to Bethard Groud Ltd. On the website, you find a casino, live casino and sports. The gaming company Bethard Group Ltd, founded in 2012, also has other casino sites in their portfolio. The major news about this site is that Zlatan started to promote them, which was a big thing for them. Several new casinos get established every year, but that’s nothing that concerns Bethard.com as they are doing quite well in the competition.

Bethard – Winners dare more

Initially, Bethard Casino was created by old poker players. They all had something in common – they had all gone through heavy losses. It is also what makes them such a good team as they don’t let losses break them; they are winners and never give up. That is what Bethard is all about – winning. The comeback is never too far away.

Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ Terms & Conditions Apply Play Responsibly BeGambleAware

Bethard Casino welcome offer

At Bethard.com, you are well taken care of as a new customer with a generous welcome offer. You will receive both a deposit bonus and free spins when you make your first deposit. So, if you like to play with some extra money, Bethard will help you get what you want.

Below you find the welcome offer in Canada:

  • 250 deposit free spins
  • C$200 casino bonus
  • C$200 Live bonus

In summary, this welcome pack suits all different players, no matter what product they prefer.

Bethard Casino free spins

As a new player at Bethard Casino, you get free spins after your first deposit. The spins that are awarded depends on how much you deposit and only applies at the first deposit.

Free spins offer: Up to 250 free spins on your first deposit:

  • C$20 deposit = 20 free spins
  • C$50 deposit = 50 spins
  • C$100 deposit = 120 spins
  • C$200 deposit = 250 spins

Also, Bethard has promotions and competitions where more spins can be activated.

Bethard casino bonus

If you play at the Bethard Casino, you will get rewarded with a big welcome bonus on your first deposit. Instead of offering several smaller bonuses on multiple deposits, you receive a generous deposit bonus on your first deposit.

First deposit casino bonus: 100% up to C$200.

First deposit Live Casino bonus: 100% up to C$200.

As you can see, you get a nice bonus on your first deposit with this welcome pack. There are also other offers to get on their promotion page. So, there is no limit to how many bonuses you can get as a customer.

Pros and cons


As with everything, there are both good and less good things. Therefore, we list some of the pros and cons below with Bethard.


  • Deposit free spins
  • Great welcome pack
  • Wide range of games and many games
  • Live casino games
  • Easy-to-navigate site
  • Sports
  • Live chat on the site
  • Downloadable mobile app
  • Extra promotions


  • No loyalty-program

All in all, Bethard Casino delivers a great gaming experience which is what we players deserve.

Game selection

Bethard offers casino games from many different game developers. There are, for example, casino games from Netent, Yggdrasil Gaming, Play N Go, Big Time Gaming (BTG), iSoftBet and Evolution Gaming. Thus, there are hundreds of different games to choose from that can be played via mobile, tablet and computer. You can sort the games through various tabs on the page, or if you already know the name, you can use the search function.

You will also find Live Casino games, such as Blackjack and Roulette. Lastly, Bethard Casino is continuously looking to develop the site and improve its game selection.

Bethard on mobile & tablet

Like many other sites, Bethard is optimized for those who prefer mobile casino via smartphone or tablet. In today’s society, it’s a must to be able to play via mobile devices. Bethard also offers a mobile app that you can download to both Android and iOS.

This makes it easier for you to log in and play your favourite games and use all promotions. If you read this review on your mobile or tablet, you can click here to see how it looks.

Furthermore, you can also make deposits, withdrawals, contact customer support and more via the mobile version.

Customer service at Bethard

At Bethard.com, you can get help via email and live chat with all your questions or concerns. You can get help in English 24/7 – 7 days a week. Under the Customer Services tab, you can also find a FAQ where you get answers on frequently asked questions, such as help with withdrawals, forgotten password and much more.

Live chat: 24/7 in English. Email: [email protected]

Bethard in the future

Bethard is investing a lot and has a great website with many products. In other words, they are continually evolving and will continue to do so even in the future. The site has become quite popular for players who like Canadian casinos online.

In short, you can easily say that Bethard Casino is a site to count on in the future. So, if you like to play online casino, then this site will be a safe pick.

Review summary

If you like different products and get rewarded in many ways, then Bethard is a casino for you. With a nice and simple layout together with generous welcome offers, it can be worth testing this site. Good luck out there!

Jonas Gustafsson

Founder, Editor & Website Responsible

Page created by Jonas Gustafsson. E-mail:[email protected] Eu casino download free youtube downloader.

Bethard Free Spins

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