Best Time To Go To The Casino To Play Slots

Best Time To Go To The Casino To Play Slots

марта 12 2021

Best Time To Go To The Casino To Play Slots

Best Time to Go to Casino to Win. Published by Kevin June 17, 2020 Categorie(s): Casino News. It is suggested that there is a specific time to go to the casino to win. Professional gamblers have discovered the best time to go to casino to win every time. It is still recommended to complement it with the best strategy to win. The flashiest Slot machines aren't always the best to play. Read the Paytable, check the payout percentage. We have more Slots Tips, Basic and Advanced Strategies you can find out. Contrary to the myth, Casinos don't put 'Loose' slot machines in certain areas and tight slot games in other areas. Some games are way more of a ripoff than others — even by casino standards. When is the Best Time to Visit Casinos? When you talk about timing in the context of actual dates you should go visit your favorite casinos, then the best time of course is when you have the time to really enjoy your casino games. This usually comes around the holidays or summer vacations when you can get off work for awhile.


There are two types of casino players: those looking for pure entertainment, and those looking to win at all costs. This article is aimed at the crowd which is first and foremost interested in profiting when playing casino games.

Rtg no deposit

Play When your Bankroll Permits it. While low-variance slots tend to deliver frequent base game returns, these are often modest in their nature. In contrast, high-variance slots include progressive jackpot games, and these are the best titles to target if you’re looking to secure the biggest prizes.

This can be a tricky endeavor, as we all know that most of these games’ probabilities are geared towards the house, but you can still learn the most player-favored casino games and how best to play them. You may be surprised to learn that some games give you an edge, rather than the house.

With enough dedication, practice, and some luck, even long-term profit at the casino is possible. It’s not the path I would usually recommend to make money, but if you are keen on it, you must sharpen your skills on the right games and employ the right strategies. Read on to learn which are the most profitable casino games, and which ones to avoid at all costs.


Blackjack is perhaps the most appealing casino game outside of video slots. It is easy to get into and learn the basics of, yet the game offers plenty of depth for advanced enthusiasts to explore.

On the surface, blackjack may seem like a simple game of luck, but that is far from the truth. Of course, luck is its primary factor – as with any other casino game – but skill plays a major role in this intricate card game.

Anyone who has visited an online casino knows that there are countless blackjack variants to choose from, each with a different name and appearance. What’s different between these games are the game rules. The rules determine the house edge; therefore, it would be highly beneficial that you learn which rules to look out for. This way you can easily find the most profitable blackjack table in whichever casino you enter.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Best Time To Go To The Casino To Play Slots
  • How many decks does the blackjack table use?
Best casino machines to play

A blackjack table can operate using one to eight decks of cards. The lower, the better. With fewer decks in play you have a better chance of striking 21 (blackjack) and being successful when doubling down. It’s a minor difference, but a difference nonetheless. Online, you will typically find blackjack tables using between four to eight decks.

  • Will the dealer stand or hit on a soft 17?

This rule makes quite a difference in the house edge. It is favorable to you if the dealer stands on a soft 17, and provides an additional edge of roughly 0.30%.

  • Blackjack pays?

Most blackjack rules aren’t deal breakers one way or the other, but there is one thing you should always keep in mind when choosing a table:

Make sure blackjack pays 3 to 2, rather than 6 to 5.

If you can’t find a table that pays 3 to 2, I would advise you against playing at all, as the house gains more than a full percent of their edge, rounding up to about 2%, and this is huge.

Additional blackjack rules play a factor as well, such as the allowing the re-splitting of up to four hands, re-splitting aces, hitting re-split aces, surrendering, and so forth, but if you are still new, simply look out for the three rules I listed.

Keep in mind that mastering blackjack basic strategy is crucial if you are serious about profiting from this game. All the house edge percentages I listed assume that you are employing perfect basic strategy.

If you play in a land casino, you may need to memorize it, but fortunately this is a complete non-issue when playing online, as you can load it up while playing and simply follow the chart. Basic strategy varies by game rules, so make sure you are using the appropriate chart.


Craps is one of the most elaborate casino games ever made. The sheer amount of depth in craps means it would take you months to master its ins and outs.

However, as surprising as it may seem, craps is not hard to get into on the basic level. The most basic bets in craps (pass/come and don’t pass/don’t come) come with a house edge of around 1.40%. These bets happen to be one of the most commonly used bet types on a craps table, meaning you can jump right in, even without full knowledge of the game.

This is especially true for online craps, where the game’s complexity is toned down in comparison to its land casino counterpart, as craps is a social game involving plenty of rules and intricacies that can’t be replicated online.


Roulette is a timeless classic. If I were to rank games by factoring both ease of access and favorable odds, roulette would be first on that list. With this table game, what you see is what you get, and you can learn it in minutes, but you probably already know how to play it.

There are three main variants of roulette across casinos: European, French, and American.

When playing online, European and French are usually the same mechanically, but American roulette tables have two zeros on their tables, putting you at a greater disadvantage.

With one zero, a roulette table boasts a house edge of 2.70%, whereas two zeros double that to 5.40%. This is why it is highly recommended to avoid American roulette when you can.

Other than that, you are free to play it however you like. Roulette has no particular strategies you could employ. Betting systems are usually recommended, but they are not exclusive to this game and most of them can be highly volatile. I would suggest avoiding negative progression systems if you were to use one.


You may have heard of baccarat as the “high roller’s game,” and this could make you think that we’re talking about a complex, skill-based game, but the complete opposite is true. Baccarat is even simpler than roulette. In baccarat, you only have three bets to choose from, with varying risks and house edges: Banker (1.06%), Player (1.24%) or Tie (14.36%). Player and banker return close to 100% of your stake, whereas tie usually pays 8:1 or 9:1.

With baccarat, you simply stake your money and hope to get lucky. The biggest upside of this game is its fast-paced nature, especially online. You can win or lose very quickly, but let’s hope for the former.

Best Slot Machines To Play

Video Poker

Much like blackjack and craps, video poker is a game which provides appealing odds to players. Video poker machines may seem just like slot machines, but looking past their outward appearance, you will see that video poker games are mechanically different, and most importantly, they give much better odds.

Video poker payback percentages typically vary between 96% and 99% when playing online, but there are some video poker variants which offer a house return surpassing 100%! One such example is full-pay Deuces Wild, albeit it is exclusively found across land casinos. These odds assume perfect play using optimal strategy, which takes time to perfect, but the opportunity is there to be taken.

Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better should be your entry games into the vast world of video poker, as they are the easiest to master. When you want to delve deeper and learn the advanced intricacies of other video poker variants, there are plenty of guides that can help with that. Take it one at a time and you will be a master in no time.

Should You Play Slot Machines for Profit?

Slot machines generate more than halfof all the profit a casino makes. They generally offer the highest house edge and reward much less than table games in the long run. Yet, players continuously flock to them. The reason for this is simple — players are drawn to their fast paced and flashy nature. If you are looking to maximize efficiency, you should know better than to play slots.

While the house edge difference between slots and most table games may not seem as large, a few percent can make a world of difference – especially in the long run.

The one upside of playing slots is that they can handsomely reward you even with a low investment on your part, but all of that is pure luck, as there is zero skill involved. For when you do play slots, I advise you to stop or take a break after striking a big win.


Best Time To Go To The Casino To Play Slots App

This article should serve as a starting point to your journey of making long-term profit at the casino. You still have to put in the work in perfecting your skills at most of these games, but in the end, it may be very well worth it. Good luck and remember to have fun out there!

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Best Time To Go To The Casino To Play Slots

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