Best Golf Gambling App

Best Golf Gambling App

марта 08 2021

Best Golf Gambling App

For League Admins

For League Managers

For League Golfers

Nassau: Golf’s most iconic gambling game isn’t much of a gambling game at all. Players wager a. The Nassau is three bets in one: low score on the front nine, low score on the back nine.

Automated League Management

  • Easy and Efficient Setup
  • Automated Scoring Calculations for Tournaments and Contests
  • Automated Tournament Scheduling
  • Calculate League Points Automatically for League Championships
  • Create Multiple Flights
    and Payouts
  • Customize Payouts
  • Calculate Course Handicaps
  • Thousands of Pre-Loaded Golf Courses

Happy Golfers

Best Golf Gambling App
  • Input Score on the Course
  • Payment Processing for League Dues and Tournaments
  • League Dashboards by Season to View Results
  • Digital Scorecards
  • Live Updates

Game Types

  • Individual Stroke Play
  • Scramble
  • Team Play Best Ball
  • Team Stroke Play
  • Team Match Play
  • And More…

Some may focus more on popular sports like football or soccer, while others may offer more competitive odds on sports like rugby, golf, or even esports. As a result, you should be looking for an app that best suits your gambling needs. What We Look for in Sports Betting Apps. Determining the best real money betting apps is not easy.

Unlike most apps in the market today, BEEZER GOLF’s unique user experience is designed with scoring and betting as its central paradigm. We wanted it to be simple to use, flexible in its configuration and scoring, and provide an expansive list of popular betting games with the most complete course database. Golf Bettor, the most complete betting app for avid golfers Golf Bettor's game formats at launch are Stroke Play, Match Play, Nassau, Skins, Wolf, Nine Dot, Six Dot, Vegas, Pot of Gold, Junk Bets.


  • Dedicated League Support
  • Email and Phone

Pay League & Tournament Fees

Best Golf Gambling App

Input Scores on the Course

Live Leaderboard

Live Updates and Alerts

Live Chat (Coming Soon)

GPS (Coming Soon)

Golf Gambling App

“I love this app! It’s easy for me to sign up, pay for league dues and tournament dues, and best of all I can keep score and see a real time leaderboard! It’s about time a golf league app stepped up into 2017.”

“The Santa Barbara Junior Golf Tour has been using the EZ Golf website for a number of years now, and they have been Great to work with. I highly recommend them for your golf league.” Pai gow free online game.

Best Free Golf Apps

Your email is not going to go to the inbox abyss. We’re a golf platform that was made by golfers – for golfers and make it our mission to provide top notch support to help get you back on the course with ease.

Golf Gambling Games For Five

Start saving time and impress your golfers today with EZ Golf League

Best Golf Gambling App

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