Best Canadian Online Casino 2020

Best Canadian Online Casino 2020

марта 09 2021

Best Canadian Online Casino 2020

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List of Best Canadian Online Casino Sites for 2020 Home Canada As a real money online casino game player you are going to be very lucky if you live in Canada for there are quite a number of top rated online casino site that will allow you to sign up and play at their respective sites for real money with no hassle or hoops to jump through.

If you’re a Canadian resident thinking about playing at an online casino,
we’re here to let you know that you have many great online casino options
available to you. Despite the fact that the Canadian government has yet to pass
specific legislation relating to online gambling, you’re definitely able to
wager online at this time.

Our site was designed to help aid newcomers to the world of online gambling.
You’ll find that this page, as well as our entire site, is packed with loads of
information relating to gambling online. Be sure to keep reading to learn much

RankGambling SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
#1100% Up To €250Visit Site
Europa Casino
200% Up To €500Visit Site
#3100% Up To €400Visit Site
100% Up To €250Visit Site
#5100% Up To €400Visit Site

For those individuals ready to wager now, we’ve provided you a list above of
our most trusted Canadian online casinos. We’ve put each of these casinos
through the ringer to make sure that they are going to offer you a quality
online casino experience. Sites that did not meet our stringent guidelines did
not make the cut for our most trusted list.

  • Best Canadian Online Casino of 2020. If you're looking for the best Canadian online casinos, you have come to the right place! The best online Canadian casino offers a variety of games and incredible winnings. With no deposit bonus, lots of free spins, you can find the best Canadian online casino payouts right here in our list of the top.
  • Welcome to the top 10 online casinos of Canada. If you want to learn more about amazing online casino sites, you have come to the right place. Our team has researched and reviewed the reputable operators and brought you the best casino bonuses and offers. Choose a casino.
  • What are the Best Online Casinos in Canada? We have selected the 5 best online casino sites in Canada 2020. Take a look at them below to find your favourite. LeoVegas was established in 2012 and since then has continued to offer great services to players. The casino features over 800 games including slots, table games, live games,.
  • Sep 27, 2020 Find the best online gambling that Canada has to offer. Casino Market reveals the top online casinos to play at to earn real money in 2020!

For those that are new to gaming online or that simply want to learn more
about it, have no fear! We’ve provided much more information on this page and
throughout the rest of this website. We’re here to be a honest and independent
source of information for all things relating to online gambling.

Important Canadian Online Casino Criteria
Why Bet Online?
Is it Legal?
Staying Safe Online

Important Canadian Online Casino Criteria

When you’re checking out a potential online casino, you’ll want to pay close
attention to some key factors that will help you determine if the site is a good
one. From our in-depth research and analysis over the years, we’ve identified
six key things that make up a good online casino. To help you on your search,
we’ve detailed each of those six things below along with a description of what
you should be looking for in each one.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos are notorious for offering bonuses and promotions to clients.
It is definitely not hard to find bonuses and promotions, but your job is to
find the online casino where you can extract the most value out of these offers.
By taking the time to do a little searching, you should be able to walk away
with more money in your pocket.

If you’re a newcomer to an online casino, pay special attention to the
welcome bonuses and initial deposit matches that they have to offer. These
promotions tend to add up quickly if you find the right site. In most cases, you
should have the ability to earn upwards of several hundred dollars.

While you’re poking around for initial sign up offers, be sure to take note
of what other types of promotions that they have to offer.

Our Tip

You’ll want to find a site that tends to run promotions on the games that you’re most likely to play.

By doing this, it will allow you the ability to earn more free cash more often.

Customer Service

One key criterion for online casinos that many folks overlook is the quality
of the customer service. We always suggest that you dig into how good a site’s
customer service is before depositing a dime there. No matter how fancy a site
looks and feels, you still want to make sure that they’re going to offer you the
ability to get in touch with them when you need help.

Check out reviews like the ones that we publish here to see what others are
saying about the quality of their customer service. We also highly suggest that
you test it out for yourself. It’s very easy to try out their customer service
by calling them or chatting with them on live chat. Seek a site that provides
helpful answers in a timely fashion.

User Interface

Web sites tend to operate differently from one another based on the fact that
they are often designed by different developers and are built on different web
platforms. A product of these differences is that online casinos often have
different user interfaces. A user interface determines how you can search and
move about on a website.

The old saying, “different strokes for different folks,” holds true when it
comes to user interfaces. A site that your roommate can easily navigate around
might be a struggle for you and vice versa. Ultimately, your goal is to locate
an online casino that offers a user interface that you can easily navigate and
find what it is that you are searching for.

Banking Options

Another thing that you’ll want to look for is an online casino that offers
you the banking options that you require. From our experience, most online
casinos offer a pretty good variety of banking options. That being said, the
banking options do vary greatly from one to the next. While most online casinos
take basic deposit options such as credit and debits cards along with bank
wires, payment methods can differ after those stated.

If you’ve ever tried to deposit with Bitcoin at your local casino, you’ve
most likely encountered the fact that it is not possible. In contrast, many
online casinos allow you to deposit and withdraw through Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Ultimately, your goal is to find an online casino that allows you to bank
the way you want.

If you prefer to use Skrill, simply locate an online casino
that offers Skrill for deposits and withdrawals, and you’re on your way!

Graphics Quality

While all online casinos offer many different games, the quality of the
gaming graphics differs quite a bit between sites. On some sites, you’ll find
amazing (and sometimes 3D) graphics on their games. On other sites, they’ll have
top notch slot graphics, but their table games might seem a bit dated.

Ultimately, we’d urge you to find a site with great graphics across all
games. We get much more out of games on an online casino when the quality of the
graphics is good. We find ourselves more engaged and interested in the game, and
we think that you will too.


You should seek to find an online casino that offers a wide variety of games.
Check out their site, and see how many options they offer such as slots and
table games. Most importantly, make sure that they offer all of the games that
you are looking to play yourself.

Also, make sure that they offer a wide variety of options within each game.
For example, if you’re a roulette fan, look to see how many different styles of
roulette they offer. Many casinos will only offer one of two, while a handful
will offer three. Finding a casino with a ton of variety will allow you the
convenience of not having to move to another online casino because you outgrew
the one that you were on.

Why Bet Online?

People that have never bet online often wonder why they should consider
making the switch. If you’re wondering the same thing, we’re here to tell you
Where can i purchase bingo cards. why we like to bet online. Betting online offers several advantages over betting
in a traditional brick and mortar casino. Below, we’ve detailed our top three
reasons why we like to bet online.


If you’re anything like us, you like options. Our last main reason for liking
to bet online is the variety of options that are available. Specifically, we’re
speaking about the number of different casinos available for you to wager your

Most Canadians don’t have a multitude of casinos available within a short
drive of their home. One of the great things about betting online is that you
will have many different online casinos to choose from. With such a large
selection available, you can locate the online casino that is best for your
needs. If you find something about an online casino that you don’t like, simply
move on to the next one!

Bonuses and Promotions

Free money! Now that we’ve caught your attention, you should know that online
casinos tend to offer great bonuses and promotions. Online casinos utilize these
bonuses and promotions as a way to retain current clients and to attract new
ones. These bonuses and promotions are a great way to add some extra cash to
your pocket.


Unlike traditional brick and mortar casinos, online casinos are actually
paying you to come there and play.

Most of the promotions tend to be very easy
to participate in, and don’t require you to do much more than making a deposit
or play a certain game. Because of the frequent selection of bonuses and
promotions that earn free cash, we prefer to bet online!


Another reason that we’re big fans of betting online is the convenience of
it. Unless you happen to have a casino in the apartment next door, we’re here to
tell you that betting online is much easier than going to a physical casino.
While we like traditional casinos, it always involves time and gas money to get

With online betting, you can plug in and play at any time. Using your
smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can connect to an online casino with the same
ease as hopping onto Facebook or Instagram. Many online casinos even offer
mobile apps for smartphones.

Because online casinos only require a device with an internet connection,
you’re able to play wherever you want and whenever you want. Want to gamble
while your kid is down for a nap? You can! Want to wager while you’re on your
lunch break? You can! Can’t sleep at night and want to play slots? Simply fire
up your phone, and you’re on your way. The simplicity of betting online can’t be

Is It Legal?

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer when it comes to the legality of
online gambling within Canada. The government of Canada has yet to clearly
outline the do’s and don’ts of online gambling for their citizens. Much like The
United States that also does not provide clear legislation relating to online
gambling, Canadian citizens are left confused.

While the laws are not made clear, we can tell you that we’ve never heard of
a single Canadian citizen being pursued by the law for gambling online. From
what we can tell, the few laws on the books in Canada seem to be directed at the
companies offering gambling services as opposed to the individuals playing on
them. Ultimately, our opinion, based on our research, is that you should feel
free to gamble online as a Canadian citizen. While no law explicitly states that
you can’t, the same is also true of the fact that now law states that you can.

Staying Safe Online

People often ask us to provide them with our top tips for staying safe when
gambling online. While we can’t sum up everything, we’ve gathered our top tips
below. These are the MOST important things for you to keep in mind while
gambling online.

Top Tips to Stay Safe When Gambling Online:

  1. Always take your time and do your research. Never start playing on a
    site until you’ve looked into it to verify it is a legitimate and
    trustworthy site.
  2. Keep up with industry trends and news. You’ll want to be in the know if
    any major changes are coming down the pipe so that you can be prepared.
  3. Always remember that it is your money. You are the boss, and are in full
    control of what happens to it.
  4. Never keep more money in your online casino account that you need for
    your gaming. Casino accounts are NOT to be used as savings accounts.
  5. Be willing to walk away from any online gaming site if things just don’t
    feel right. You have tons of options, and should always wager at a site that
    you are comfortable with.


We’ve dropped in a few of the questions relating to online casinos that we
get the most below:

Are Online Casinos Safe?

The vast majority of online casinos are safe. However, there are some out there that should be avoided. If you take the time to do some research on a site like ours, you can quickly get yourself up to speed with things to look for and things to avoid. To help get you going quickly, be sure to see our list above of our most trusted Canadian online casinos. Any of these suggested options will be sure to provide you with a quality and safe online casino experience.

How Can I Move Money onto and off of Online Casinos?

Online casinos tend to offer many different banking options for you to make your deposits and withdrawals. You’ll find that most of the online casinos will take basic options such as bank wires, credit and debit cards. Many will also take more unique options such as Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin as well. Be sure to check out what banking options are offered by any Canadian online casino that you are considering.

I’m New to Using Casinos Online. Where Do You Suggest I Start?

We always suggest that individuals new to online casinos start by doing their homework. While doing homework is not nearly as exciting as gambling, a little bit of upfront work will help your long term experience. Sites like this one can help provide you with a lot of information in your quest to learn about online casinos.

We offer in-depth site reviews as well as recommended sites. We’ve been in this industry for a long time, and we’ve just about seen it all by now. By using our site, you can speed up the homework process, and get yourself to online gambling sooner rather than later.

Canadian Online Casinos

Professionally Trained Experts

Best Online Casino 2020

We have a team of professional experts who work around the clock to bring you tried and tested Canadian online casino listings. For these casinos to qualify for a spot on our ranked and rated list, they need to pass a series of tests which assesses the quality of casino games, the variety of the games, the authenticity of the casino, security, promotional offers, welcome bonuses, payout options, and additional features.


Best Online Canadian Casinos of 2019

Our team of experts has already put together a list of the best Canadian online casinos for this year. Check out some of the great features our top picks offer.

Steps to Choosing the Best Canadian Online Casino

Each player has individual needs, preferences, and tastes. So you may be looking for a casino based on promotions, or perhaps you plan on being a loyal player so a VIP program may interest you more than the variety of games. Whatever your needs, it may be different from the next player, so we have created a comprehensive list which takes all of these features into account. Here is what you need to know about our reviews.

Sign Up Bonuses – If you are new to an online casino, a welcome bonus is just the thing you need to boost your bankroll. We ensure all welcome bonuses are legitimate and we tell you what the wagering requirements are. We choose the casinos offering the best sign up deals through thorough investigation.

Promotions –We believe great online casinos should offer promotional deals. Offers such as bonus codes, discounted rates, free spins, daily or weekly promotions should be in place, and we choose the casinos that meet our expert requirements.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods –Payment options must meet our criteria for being published on our top Canadian casino list. Only trusted online casinos provide the best payment and withdrawal options. We ensure the casino in question accepts a wide variety of deposit methods as well as payouts in a speedy fashion.

Banking Options – We provide you with casinos who publicly display all the payment options so you can choose a method most fitted to your needs.

Gaming Variety – For you to have a long and loyal withstanding relationship with your chosen Canadian online casino, you are entitled to a wide variety of games. Our chosen online casinos provide their members with an impressive selection of all the latest casino gaming hits from leading gaming developers.

Customer Service – Our chosen online casinos provide their members with around the clock assistance whether it’s via email, live chat, query forms or telephone. We have ensured that the results are outstanding when dealing with issues at hand so that our readers are given all the help they need to get their gaming experience on the go!

VIP Loyalty Programs – As mentioned above, we know and understand the importance of rewarding loyal customers. Our selected Canadian online casinos also understand the need for creating exclusive opportunities for high paying clients.

Jackpots – Having an opportunity to win high payouts or jackpots is essential to our readers. We can assure you all the casino we list offer substantial jackpot prizes with high RTP to players.

Security – All online casinos which are listed have passed our security tests and use the latest encryption technologies to protect your personal details. All our recommended casinos are safe and secure, giving you peace of mind and an opportunity to enjoy your gaming time without any concerns for third-party surveillance.

Canadian Live Dealer Casinos

If you’re looking for something a bit different from your casino experience, can we suggest you try out a Live Casino.

In many ways they’re very like any other online casino that you’ve played at with the exception that the games aren’t simulated using all sorts of different software. Instead, you’ll be able to watch real-life dealers spin the wheel, roll the dice or deal the cards live from a standard brick and mortar casino.

What’s more, you can chat to dealers (or other players) via a live messenger which is built directly into the software.

Live casinos really are a great addition to the online gambling industry, and if you haven’t checked one out already, they’re certainly worth a look. We would recommend you start by checking out the live dealer games at the casinos listed below.

Explaining the Ratings

Despite the fact that Live Casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, players still have a relatively large choice about where to play. When looking to recommend the best Live Casinos out there, we played a lot of Live Dealer games before finalizing the top three list that you see above.

Therefore, we thought it was important to let you know what factors we rated when choosing the best live casinos currently available online.


The software which a Canadian online casino uses to power their casino games is always important, but this becomes even more of a key feature when you’re playing in Live Casinos because you need a constant connection to an outside casino.

In a standard internet casino, the software will only need to connect to an online server sporadically. However, if you’re playing live casino games, you need to make sure that the software is reliable enough to display a the relevant film feed all the way through your game.

After all, there’s nothing worse than putting all your chips on black and then not being able to see the result of your bet because the live casino feed fails.

Therefore, for a casino to be recommended above, it needed to be able to offer a live casino feed which would be running for more than 99% of the time.

Game selection

The concept of live gaming means that there are only a few games that can be played in a live casino. These games tend to be table games and are usually Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and (occasionally) poker.

That doesn’t mean Live Casinos can’t offer players a good selection of games though.

There are a number of different variations of each of these games – especially when it comes Blackjack and Roulette. Therefore, we wanted to find those live casinos which allowed their members to get involved in a whole host of live games by offering a large selection of variations.

On top of that, despite the fact that they’re not played ‘Live,’ we felt that any casino we recommended needed to offer a good selection of slots too given that they’re so popular for Canadian casino players.


When you’re trying to decide the best places to play, the question of ‘Security’ should always be of paramount importance.

Any Canada online casino that we recommend on this site has to satisfy a strict safety criteria and Live Casinos are no different. Each of the Canadian casinos you see listed above employ the latest SSL technology and encrypt data using 32bit security procedures, many of which are used at the highest level in the military.

In short, any information you give to the casinos above will be totally secure and you can rest assured that any cash that you deposit or withdraw from your player account will be dealt with quickly and in a totally safe manner.

Online Canadian Casino FAQ’s

How do I deposit money at online casinos in Canada?

Depending on the casino you have chosen, there will be a variety of payment options to choose from. Choose one that suits your banking method and follow the simple steps.

How long after I make my deposit can I begin playing?

Most online casinos offer immediate deposit options to allow their members' instant access to their games. Depending on the deposit option chosen, you may or may not experience delays.

Must I play using real cash?

Many online casinos don’t require you to deposit real cash to play. Some selected games can be accessed for free. These free games are ideal for beginners who would like to experience new games without concerning themselves about losing money. Of course, free play casino games cannot be cashed out.

Do I have to download the casino software?

In most instances, players aren’t required to download casinos. However, there may be a casino that will only allow you access if you download it. Downloading software may corrupt your device, to ensure that you trust the casino or opt for an instant play casino which only requires you to install a flash player. These casinos can usually be accessed via your mobile browser on a mobile device.

Are there any differences with playing on mobile?

New Us Online Casino 2020

The benefit of playing on a mobile device is that you can take your casino account with you wherever you go. You still have access to sign up bonuses, VIP membership, loyalty programs and

more! The only downside, however, some casino games may not be accessible through your smart device. This means that your gaming selection is slightly limited on a mobile device.

What must I do if something goes wrong?

In the unlikely event, you experience a problem with your chosen casino; you can immediately make use of the customer service provided. Live chat functionality is ideal for immediate correspondence from the casino; however you can always utilize the email option, telephone option or contact form from the contact section of the casino.

Can I sign up with more than one online casino?

You absolutely can. You cannot, however, sign up with the same online casino using multiple accounts. This is a fraud and the casino will shut down all your accounts and ban you. Some players do this to access multiple sign up offers and try bettering their winning outcomes. The casino uses location technology to track IP addresses, so be alert and sign up with one account.

Gambling Anonymous

If you feel you are experiencing a personal addiction, you can contact the Gambling Anonymous Association for around the clock help. Professionals have been trained to help you and get through your personal crisis. Feel free to contact them at any time of the day or night.

Find Your Canadian Online Casino Today!

The thing that sets Canada apart is the involvement the different provinces have in their online gambling industry. There are several different options when it comes to playing casino games online if you live in Canada, or even if you do not live in Canada. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission regulates the most prominent casinos in Canada. The commission awards licenses from the Mohawks of Kahnawake. It is looked down upon to place wagers overseas that are not licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or by one of the provinces of Canada. Many of the provinces have started licensing the casinos in their own jurisdiction. British Columbia was the first province to regulate online gambling, Quebec and Ontario are to follow. Nova Scotia is considering the move towards regulation, while Alberta rejects the idea entirely. All casinos in Canada accept CDN$ as a form of the wager to make it easier to play.

New Online Casino 2020

One of the most prevalent casino software companies in Canada is Microgaming, or a software equivalent to Microgaming. Interesting graphics and easy navigation are a top priority. You can be sure though that the guest service at online casinos in Canada is first class. If a Canadian casino has a support line, expect to talk to an educated representative, who will get your issue handled. A great source for not only Canadian online gambling information, but also any other information you are trying to find is Wikipedia. This is a site run solely by passionate volunteers that take their work very seriously. You will only find the best and most efficient information at this site. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada if you are looking for any information about Canada, and their gambling guidelines.

Best Canadian Online Casino 2020

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