Agricola Online

Agricola Online

марта 08 2021

Agricola Online

Play-Agricola.com Forum - Info Center Forum Stats: 44542 Posts in 4270 Topics by 3647 Members. Most Online Ever: 192 (December 09, 2019, 06:55:39 pm). This website allows 1-5 users to the Play Agricola Board Game Online. Each user loads the url and joins a common list in one of 13 rooms. Then the first player to join clicks start game. Next everyone else sees the game started and can click Enter Game to begin playing the Agricola Board Game Online. Agricola is Fresh, Down to Earth and Full of Flavor. Like all our favorite foods, Agricola is fresh, down to earth and full of flavor. We think food is a universal language—it brings us together and nourishes us. In Latin, “Agricola” means “farmer,” which embodies our farm to table spirit and our dedication to community.

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To bequeath to posterity a record of the deeds and characters of distinguished men is an ancient practice which even the present age, careless as it is of its own sons, has not abandoned whenever some great and conspicuous excellence has conquered and risen superior to that failing, common to petty and to great states, blindness and hostility to goodness. But in days gone by, as there was a greater inclination and a more open path to the achievement of memorable actions, so the man of highest genius was led by the simple reward of a good conscience to hand on without partiality or self-seeking the remembrance of greatness. Many too thought that to write their own lives showed the confidence of integrity rather than presumption. Of Rutilius and Scaurus no one doubted the honesty or questioned the motives. So true is it that merit is best appreciated by the age in which it thrives most easily. But in these days, I, who have to record the life of one who has passed away, must crave an indulgence, which I should not have had to ask had I only to inveigh against an age so cruel, so hostile to all virtue.

Credito Agricola Online Portugal

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Game rules

Official rules from Z-man Games.

available cards on boiteajeux

Agricola Online

the list on the forum.

The virtual board


Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera, Safari. You can also play on iPad!

Global display

Actions tab

When it's your turn, you have to choose an action, by expanding the first tab.

Cooking Tab (and other out-of-turn actions)

Before selecting an action, you can cook animals or Vegetable, or change Grain or Vegetable to Food.
In Advanced Mode, you can also use some improvements to gain other types of resources.

Major Improvements tab

This tab displays all Major Improvements. If a player token is on the card, the improvement was already built and is no longer available. However, this can change later because discarded Major Improvements will be once again available.

Next turns tab


This tab shows the same thing than the Next Turns section from the main screen, but here it is for all players.

Cards in hand tab (Advanced Mode)

In Advanced Mode, each player starts with 7 Minor Improvements and 7 Occupations, which are displayed in this tab. Look at the tooltip!

Animals management

Each time you receive new animals, or during breeding phase, this popup will help you to organize your farmyard, and to cook animals that can't be accomodated. If you don't have cooking equipment, the animals will be destroyed!

Feeding the family

At each harvest phase, after the field harvest, you need to feed your family. Use your improvements to have enough Food; if you don't, you will receive Mendicity Cards! Posh mobile casino no deposit.


After having fed your family, any player with at least 2 animals of the same type receives exactly one additional(baby) animal of that type – but only if it can be accommodated in the farmyard. Baby animals and parentanimals may not be converted into Food immediately after the birth. Don't forget to free some space during Feeding phase!

©2007 Lookout Games/Ystari, AGRICOLA is a game by Uwe Rosenberg.
Online version by boiteajeux.net ([email protected])

Agricola Online

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