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My favorite animal is a dog. I have one her name is Mikee(Mom’s choice) and guess her age… she’s now 8 years old. They said that dogs have a life span of 10 years so Mikee has 2 years left. Actually Mikee is sick right now and it’s been 4 days since I heard her last bark. Yes, she’s not barking anymore and she keeps on vomiting a yellow liquid. Because of my love for her, I searched the internet and found out why dogs are vomiting a yellow liquid because they ate something bad or they are poisoned! I cried to death that we might lose Mikee but I’m not losing hope. My friends on facebook told me that Mikee should drink water with sugar so that’s what I did. Thank God she drunk it for the first time but today she didn’t drink it and keeps on vomiting. I just hope God will heal her. I love her so much. And she’s my dad’s favorite so if she’ll die it will cause a lot to my dad. 

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