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What a busy week. Hey, Tell me hows your valentine day? And who’s that lucky guy/girl? Huh? 😀 I’m excited to know, can you please share your valentine experience? 😡 Or What is the most romantic thing you gave or did to your loved one.? :posh:

I am busy making some tutorials, and wp themes( feelers :)) ) to add in my goodies section in Others are requesting for a “How to make a theme tutorial”( i don’t know the exact word :lol ) but I don’t think I can manage to do that. I’m not an expert in doing themes. Haha! :yes

Q: What if your just an adopted child? What is the first thing you will do? Will you get angry to your “parents”?

If you like you can also drop here. Much Appreciated. Just let me know so i can return the favor. ;] Thanks! 😉

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