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When you are going to a special occasion you have to consider few things especially on what to wear. Obviously it’s a dress, you can’t wear t-shirt and pants during a special occasion because it doesn’t work like that. In special occasions, you have to look elegant and fabulous at the same time. In order for you to achieve that, you have things to look at.

First, you must know the kind of occasion. Is it a birthday party, wedding or graduation party? If it’s a birthday party of yours then you should look the most elegant of them all. If you’re just a guest, you shouldn’t look more extravagant than the celebrant.

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You should also take note of the following: type of dress, color of dress, length of dress.

Type of Dress

This depends on your personality. Do you like it if it has a sleeve? If it’s a tube dress? or if it has a strap? You have to choose the type of dress that will make you feel comfortable throughout the party or else it will ruin your day.

Color of Dress

This is very important, you have to know what are the colors that will suit your skin color. If you have dark skin, don’t choose dresses that are color green or any dark colors. If you have light skin, go for darker colors. Also, check the invitation card if they have a color coding dress just like in weddings.

Length of Dress

This one also depends on the party. If it’s a formal party, you should wear a long gown but if it’s a casual party, you can for cocktail dresses. It will also depends on how you dress it, if you can’t handle the long gown well then you should go to a short one.

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