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Our parents are very important in their own ways. Just what I said on my other post, Parents are not the same. I’ll elaborate this more, some parents are strict, and some are not. Others want their kids to finish their studies with flying colors and others are just okay with or without flying colors. Some parents are expressive in a way that shows their love, care and thoughts while some are not. We have a kind of parents that are very supportive to their children and vice versa. Though they are different still they have the same and important role in our lives and that is to be our parents. Can you explain exactly what parents mean? Or do? For me, parents are the one who guides us in a right path though some parents aren’t like that. What about parents who are killing their unborn babies? Are they worthy to call as parents? I don’t blame them for killing their own babies I know they have their own reasons which isn’t valid or acceptable in the eyes of many especially God. A friend of ours really loves to have a child and yet others just killing theirs? Sometimes people are so rude, I wonder what God thinks about them, them who kills their own flesh. I just hope that God will still forgive them.

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