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I have been through a lot of friends from my entire life but none of them are worthy to be call as my best friend. None of them passed and none of them can actually do what a best friend should do. They even betrayed me, one of my friends did that. I will not tell you the whole story as I respect her privacy and I I’m not that kind of girl who will spoil to everyone what kind of evilness she had and did to me just to make her happy and get what she wants. Actually I have already forgiven her even though she did not tried to say sorry because she didn’t claimed that she did something wrong she said that she did it for good, for my own sake. Was it really for my own sake? Or for her own good? Through all the years that we had our friendship all she did was to betray me, pull me down and criticize me but every time we are together I always forgot the bad things she did to me. I am still considering her as my friend but not my best friend. As for my previous posts, I haven’t met my best friend yet maybe because it’s God.

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