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Well ladies, we can all thank Kim Kardashian’s husband-to-be for making our engagement rings seem less than perfect. Before, two carat diamond engagement rings would have seemed enormous, well, this is no more. Since Mr. Humphries gave his wifey-to-be a 22 carat diamond engagement ring we have all be left a little less shimmery and little less bright.

Not to worry girls, the good news is that you have somebody that loves you and a ring that came from the bottom of their hearts. I mean really would you trade your ring for a mostly likely flash in the pan relationship? No! So then don’t even think about what could have been in terms of your engagement ring. Surely it was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen when you got it, and it should still be today.

Also – what on earth would we wear with that rock? I don’t know about you girls, but I certainly don’t have any outfits that will go well with an enormous diamond. In fact, if indeed someone did find it in themselves to present me with that kind of a rock I would need to run out and find some seriously expensive duds to go with it.

What I would really do with it is to sell it and go on a fabulous trip around the world. How much more fun would that be? Memories forever, instead of a gigantic rock that goes with nothing I wear. I would take the trips any day!

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