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Familiar with Scan Cafe? Are you a regular costumer or it’s your first time to hear it? Scan Cafe is a photo business that scans our photos and burn it on a CD/DVD. You can even put your taped or recorded videos on a CD/ DVD though them! For example, you already have your photos with you and you need to burn it on a CD or DVD. Here’s the steps on how to do it:

1. Go to their website.
2. Make an Order
3. You will ship your photos to them.
4. They’ll scan it, and burn into a CD/DVD.
5. Ship them back to you.

This is good for special occasions or celebrations like wedding, birthday invitations and giveaways. Actually I’m planning to have this too for my 18th birthday. I want to give them a CD with my photo slideshow or a video presentation as a giveaway. However, I feel like having a short with my budget because of foods. I don’t even sure if I can still buy a dress and have a makeover on my birthday! I need to be thrift and wise when buying something so my money will not be wasted. Good thing, Deal Taker Website has a Scan Cafe coupon codes, this will give me discounts to my orders, 15% discounts to be specifically or a 10% discount for new costumers. Thank you so much Deal Taker for having useful coupon codes! This discount will save my extra money when taking an order in Scan Cafe plus I can still buy a dress and have a make over!

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