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Just want to remind you that this will depend on my opinion and in my point of view. Feel free to express yours too and I’ll surely respect it. hehe 😀

Do you believe in the saying “Promises are made to be broken” ?

Actually I don’t believe in big promises. Why? Simply because it is so hard to move on when that “promise” will no longer be a promise but a lie. Right? It is very painful realizing that the person who made that promise is actually telling a lie.

For the couples, isn’t it they made a promise in front of God that they will love each other whatever happens, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse blah blah blah? But what is the result? breakups, divorce and even annulment. So why promise if you’re not sure that you can make it or prove?

Let’s say you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, instead of saying I promise, i promise blah blah blah please just do it. I know that everyone of us even YOU already experienced frustration from the ones they loved, isn’t it? it is painful? “Action speaks louder than words” [ This paragraph is for Playboys and Playgirls only. Oops. sorry haha 😀 ]

In my case, I don’t usually make a promise instead I’m telling myself that I’ll do my best to prove something at least if ever I can’t do that promise no one will be disappointed. It’s because of my experience in my family, I promised that whatever happens I’ll continue my studies and nothing/no one can force me not to. BUT unfortunately I broke my promise and now they are all disappointed. 🙁

I’m not saying that making promises are prohibited, I know, “nobody is perfect” Ok, Just a little advice, make a promise if you know and if you are 100% sure that you can do it. But who knows? If everything might change later, tomorrow, or the next day. Right? Only God knows.

Little promises will do. 🙂 Again this is just my opinion, if you’re against with it just say so. And I’ll respect it. 😀

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