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My whole family is planning to go out of town this summer. Hey, it is summer vacation and we have not yet visited any place! But it is not too late, right. Summer has not yet ended so we can still have a summer get away! I have suggested that we go to Boracay since we have not been there yet. I really want to be there. I want to see the white sand and the clear ocean. I also want to experience the so-called night life in Boracay. And of course, I want to try island hopping! I bet we will enjoy our stay there. But my family disagreed since we lack budget for that.
At first I also thought of our budget. But I came to remember that my friend have told me about loans online. I think I could get them so I could be able to treat my whole family to Boracay. Besides, I still have a lot of days to prepare for my payment since I need to pay for it on the next payday. That is weeks from now.
My family felt really excited when I told them that. They have been preparing everything, like our itinerary for our trip. I am really excited but my brothers are more excited since they really love the beach so much. Now I guess I also need to prepare for myself. I want to wear bikinis there and I also want to get henna tattoos. Boracay, here we come.

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