Improve your face with the help of makeup

If all you see is a wonky nose and a crooked smile every time you look in the mirror – fear not! A little cosmetic care could improve the symmetry of your face and help you feel more confident about your appearance. Of course, everything from cheek implants to nose plastic surgery is available these days, but why go under the knife when you can get creative with makeup?

Make your eyes look symmetrical

Whether you have one eye bigger than the other or they both tilt in slightly different ways, you can resolve this body issue by applying your cosmetics in exactly the same way on both eyes. This will help your face to look more symmetrical than it actually is, so make sure your eye shadow and liner are as even as you can make them. Similarly, if you use mascara, apply an equal amount of product on both sides and try to spread the lashes an equal distance apart.

Highlight both cheekbones

Many people have one cheekbone that’s more pronounced than the other, but there’s no need to run for the hills if you have this problem. A little blusher can add definition to your face, so find out what colours suit you and buy a light and dark shade. Once you have the products you need, suck in your cheeks and brush the lighter of the two from the bottom of your nose to the far corner of your eyes. Next, take the darker colour and apply this slightly under your cheekbone to create a hollow look. Repeat this exact process on the other side and your bone structure should appear more even.

Perfect your nose

If your nose is slightly crooked or wonky, you might have considered rhinoplasty to change its shape – but surgery is not your only option. The right foundation can disguise a wide range of flaws, so use your normal concealer before applying a darker shade to your problem areas. If your nose bends to the right, for instance, apply the product down both sides of your hooter, as this will draw the eye more towards the center – helping it to look straighter.

The chances are, most people won’t even notice that your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical, but if it’s bothering you, makeup can certainly help. These techniques are all easy to do, so whip out your bag of cosmetics and start practising your new look.

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