Columbus Functional Medicine Doctors

Body pain is really hard to manage especially when you’re just all alone in your house with no one to ask for a sweet massage. Good thing there are Columbus functional medicine doctors that you can reach out whenever you have body pains, most especially in the back and in the neck.

Now, the question is, how do we get this body pains? Body pain is a sign that tells you that your body cannot just take it anymore, your body might be very exhausted right before you know it. Most of the time, it’s because of our daily jobs. That’s not an excuse, we have to go to work every day but we should be aware of our body limitations, on how to take good care of our body. Health is wealth, don’t ever ignore body pains because it can lean you to a serious problem that will result to a sick leave that can affect your daily job.

Others who are very sports minded usually experiencing these type of problems. Because of their sports, their body is forced to extend to their limits. Sports like boxing, basketball, football, soccer etc. those are some of the sports that usually give our body a hard time.

To some, are just plain bad posture. Whenever you’re just watching a TV or playing games in your computer, we tend to forget to sit up straight and that also causes us back and neck pains.

If you love what you’re doing, you all need to love your tool and that is your body. If you feel very strong, don’t take advantage of it. You will always feel tired and exhausted in everything that you do so you have to take a good rest. Hear what your body is telling you! Give it some treat and consider a treatment or a therapy sometimes. Not just you’re body, but you also will love it!

5 Supplements Everyone Should Have In Their Medicine Cabinet

Do you struggle to get through the day? Are you stressed, impatient, moody, fatigued or just plain frustrated by your body’s inability to do the things you want it to do? Well, say goodbye to exhausted mornings and anxious nights. These five supplements will set you down the path of improved cognitive functions and better health.

1. Apex Energetics Adaptocrine

Apex Energetics Adaptocrine

The adrenal glands play an important role in your body’s stress response, but if you’re too stressed, their disharmony can cause everything from joint swelling to elevated blood pressure. This product will help regulate your adrenal response and keep you from suffering the effects of overwork or chaotic households.

2. NeuroScience TravaCor

If you regularly experience anxiety, nervousness or jittery reflexes, TravaCor is the supplement for you. It soothes the neurotransmitters in your brain with a combination of minerals and amino acids, allowing you to calm down and focus on what’s really important in your life. It can also help you sleep on flights and long train rides.

3. Y-Age Glutathione

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant found within the body that promotes good health and the breaking down of toxins. Its production, however, can be slowed by aging, illness and certain medical conditions, so your body may not be making the glutathione that it should. This supplement will give your glutathione production a boost.

4. Prevagen Professional

Do days at work seem extraordinarily long? Do you feel your attention drifting and your focus shortening with every tick of the clock? Prevagen Professional offers an all-natural way for you to retain your focus and keep your mind sharp and on-task. It uses nothing but apoaequorin, a brain stimulating compound, to boost your mental cognition for hours at a time.

5. NeuroScience Kavinace

Sleep aids can be dangerously addictive, but Kavinace sidesteps this issue by only using organic materials and never adding anything like gluten, starch or artificial flavors. It helps to regulate GABA functions in your neurotransmitters in a completely natural way. If you’re looking for restful, high-quality sleep without any of the side affects, this is the supplement for you.

When used correctly, supplements can be a big boon to your physical and mental health. These are just five of the best, so use them to start a medicine cabinet full of natural remedies to all of life’s problems.