Our Destiny

Baby you’re my destiny, you and I we’re meant to be….”

Do you believe in Destiny?

Is there really someone meant for you ever since you we’re born? If yes, then why there is ‘matandang dalaga/binata‘?

Do you think it is your fault to be in your position right now? OR It is just your fate to be like that?

Do we still need to do something in order for us to success in our future? OR If your fate is to be a successful person in the future then you don’t need to do something.

Questions from my mind that until now can’t find the answers. I know that only God can answer these questions. Just want to hear your sides 😉

Random V2


Who among you here believe in dreams? (panaginip not pangarap)

Isn’t it, when you have a bad dream you should tell anyone about it, so it won’t come true?

And when you have a very nice, good, fantastic dream you shouldn’t tell anyone so it will come true.

But isn’t it, the reverse meaning of our dream is the one that will come true or it is just our tradition? haha!

Did you get what I mean? I hope you did. I’m confused. :))