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So how’s my BIG DAY? It was fun even though I only have few visitors still, I enjoyed it! As I’ve told you before, I only have 6 real friends and if I say real, it means they are the most trusted friends ever | the best among the rest. I invited all of my classmates in high school and in college but only 10 of them came. Haha! It’s not surprising at all, in fact I already expected that they won’t come. One main reason is the rain, yes it is holiday there were no classes BUT THERE’S RAIN! That’s why some of my friends/classmates couldn’t come. Anyway, it was not a problem at all. As long as my best friends/family are there then I’m contented. I just want to thank God for everything. I did not expect that I’m going to have a debut, I thought it was impossible so thanks to Him!

And oh, sorry I can’t post my photos here it’s a bit of private so I’m just going to post my birthday cake. I cropped it so it won’t show my real name, sorry. 😀 My 18th birthday isn’t extravagant at all. It was just a simple celebration of having my legal age.

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  1. nadine

    yay!!! where’s my slice of cake? 🙁 loljk belated happy ba
    day sis <3

  2. nadine

    yay!!! where’s my slice of cake? 🙁 loljk belated happy ba
    day sis <3

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