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Not so New Theme, I just expanded the layout because my blog felt so narrow that she can’t move comfortable. hha. :)) I added some stuffs in the footer and lots of different ads.

I applied for a new sub-domain site from Sis Mizuki, I just loved her site and domain. Gonna post the link after I fixed everything there.

Contest is still OPEN(only for those who doesn’t have domains). Click here to join.
And for those who already have, you can apply for sponsorship even if it’s just an ad space, it will be uber okay with me. 😉 Thanks for those who applied and joined yesterday. Love you all! mua

I want to renew my site but sad to say, it was already taken by someone. I really want that domain! I guess it’ll just be Including the (dash) At least they are still the same right? hha! Which is better? or I can’t decide >< Q: Do you know any trusted domain registrar?(Affordable Prices Only) :))

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