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I made a new theme, what can you say? Is it better than the previous one? Actually, it is a “rush-made-theme” haha. I upgraded my wordpress and forgot to back up my themes and everything in FTP so it was all deleted. It’s my fault anyway 😀 this theme is kinda ‘magulo’ right? because I ran out of idea and can’t think of a good one. Maybe I’ll change it by next next week. Argh! too lazy. :blank: Anyways, Special thanks to Sis Gretch for the banner(the headshot) mua 🙂

Btw, I created a site for my one and only loved band, Super junior <3 Srsly, I don't know what to post in that site, Basta! 😀 Suju Fans there, maybe you can support me here? :sick: :lol Here's the screenshot: Click to enlarge

hha! its fugly :))
Waah! Love them so much! 😀 Where infact, My friend(who’s also a suju fan) gave me a suju souvenir. Too lazy to post the pictures. Next time I’ll post it.

Questions: (in case you don’t have anything to say) 😛
Who is you favorite band(local)?
Who is you favorite band(international or Kpop)?
How much do you love em?


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