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It’s not just us, women who loves shoes but also men! Preferably, rubber shoes. As they say, it’s the most comfortable shoes for men. They love to wear it when playing sports, jogging, hiking and even just outing. Most of the men wear rubber shoes that leather shoes.


Women love to wear rubber shoes too! Some of us doesn’t like to wear high heels or sandals. They just love to wear rubber shoes for outing, pair it up with a shirt and pants/shorts.

Men love to wear not just rubber shoes but also sandals, slippers and formal shoes. They wear shoes based on the occasion, you can’t wear rubber shoes in a formal meeting. But for me, a guy is more good looking if he’s wearing a rubber shoes. It’s more fashionable than any other shoes plus it’s comfortable and convenient. Good shoes bring you to good places! 🙂

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  1. Matt

    The most comfortable shoe brand for me is toms.

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