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Dress codes are an important part of the business world today with most employers choosing a company uniform for staff. Though uniforms vary from business to business, they help companies portray a professional image to clients.

Dress to Impress

Uniforms have become a vital part of business identification. From restaurants to road crews, uniforms make staff easily identifiable, give an organized appearance, and present logos and colors in a memorable way. Not only do uniformed employees garner more respect from consumers, they appear more knowledgeable and responsible as well.

First impressions are highly important in a business relationship. Uniforms help customers find assistance when they need it. Having an entire staff dressed in the same company uniform gives customers the impression of professionalism and dependability, and the customers will be more likely to return for repeat business.

Chaos versus Order

Imagine walking into a hotel that does not require staff uniforms. How would one know who to ask about valet parking, checking in, or assistance finding their room? How would a guest tell the housekeeping staff from a sneaky thief? Having a staff in plain clothing would create a sense of insecurity and distrust resulting in loss of business.

Uniforms also provide protection to employees working with hazardous materials or in dangerous conditions. Employers can purchase protective, identifying maintenance hotel uniforms at

Presenting a professional image, protecting employees, and providing easy assistance to customers are important reasons employers choose company uniforms.

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