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Life is Short, Eat Chocolate: 14 Reasons Why Teen Girls are Lonely on Valentine’s Day

Why is it that no matter how much you believe that Valentine’s is just a commercial holiday, you still end up feeling left out when not having a date? You must be single if this is how you feel. If taken, then something must be wrong with your relationship that you need to fix. Whatever the reason is, it could be one of the following:

14 Reasons Why Girls are Lonely on Valentine’s Day

You can’t accept the fact that you’re single. Do so. But if you can’t see why you should, someday you’ll appreciate not dating or being in a relationship and it only happens when you have realized your worth and when you learn that you can’t rely on being taken to make you happy.

You can’t wait for a nice man to come along. You should, because it’s true that the best things come to those who wait. But if you have enough guts to ask someone out, go ahead.

You miss having a boyfriend, or the company of a guy. The danger in this is you get to be emotionally dependent on the opposite sex to make you feel complete. It’s the same as you can’t live without a man and you’ve become boy-holic. Desperate, but true. One day you’ll realize that.

You want what those sweet couples have.
Don’t we all single girls do?

You’re being idealistic, which is normal. However, it’s a fact that not everyone gets a date on Valentine’s Day.

You were expecting someone to make a move or ask you out but didn’t.
This is why we read so many quotes saying “Thou shalt not expect.” It keeps you from getting disappointed and depressed later.

You’re sick. Do get well soon, honey. You can always have a date any day you’re available, even if it’s not on hearts day.

You’re too busy to ever go out on a date, or to even keep in touch with a guy. So you feel the need to turn him down? Set a different date then if you really like the guy that much. And if he does like you as much, he would be thrilled you that you said yes even if it’s not on Valentine’s Day.

Your parents won’t let you go on a date. Sad, but they just don’t want you to go astray. Why not let him visit you at home? If grounded, we’ve got the same advice. Set another date. He’ll understand if he really cares about you.

Your crush is dating someone else. Don’t worry, your time will come even if it’s not with him.

Your boyfriend doesn’t greet you or do anything special. Well, greet him first. Plan on something you’d both love to do.

You’re in a long distance relationship and you just wish he’s here. Videochat works best for this. Look good for your special someone and call him up.

You had a fight and nobody wants to apologize first. Remember all those status posts about valuing the relationship more than your ego? Perhaps it’s time to apply that in real life.

Nevertheless, don’t you dare say sorry if he cheated on you or did any act of disrespect.

You broke up. Wow, this is hard. Yet life goes on. If he can’t have your heart anymore, give it to someone else. Love is all about giving. Spend time with friends and family. You would realize how much they mean to you and how special you are to them too.

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