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My style? I’m just a simple girl usually loves to wear shirt or blouses and pants. I don’t wear sleeveless or skirts because I’m too conservative. I’m just shy to show off my sensitive skin 😀 Oh, and speaking of sensitive, I am also protecting my skin to sun’s harsh rays.

Cipo&Baxx Jeans is just one of my type. Most of my pants are like these simply because they are simple, tight and yet fashionable.

Sneakers are like awesome as they are. My dad always wants me to wear sneakers because for him it really looks good for a girl wearing those shoes with short shorts. But since I’m not fond of shorts, I always wear them together with pants and shirt. Actually I’m planning to buy another sneakers for me because my old one isn’t fit for my size anymore. I’m looking for fashionable, unique and affordable ones and I only find them online. It’s sad that I can’t find any or even one here on my place. It will be the very first time if I’m going to buy sneakers online, some of friends do. They love to buy Sneakers online that’s why I’m also thinking of that since it is really good and possible to buy sneakers online. Although, sneakers will never be fitted to a Herrenschmiede or Business Shirts, of course we all know that! 😀

Have you heard about Desigual? These are type of fashion or clothes that also have a sense of taste. Desigual means unequal which we can see to these kind of clothes or wear. Based from my observations, they are sometimes have little designs or decorations and others are over decorated so it is really unequal. You can see some examples of them on the Official Desigual Store

Most of us just love plain fashion. Wearing simple dress or outfits even street wear. It’s fine, it’s good as long as you are comfortable with it and you are confident wearing your favorite outfits. Just in case we have the same taste in fashion you can visit DefShop Streetwear Shop to view more available outfits that you may find interesting.

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