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I swear this is a very late post. Haha!

I won at Sis Dha’s Contest and since I don’t have any partner I thought that this might be a sign for me to find Mr. Right(just for fun) because of the prize – baller for bf/gf. The prize arrived on Feb. 17 and 18 so we expected that Mr. Right will also came to that specific date. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. haha! Okay it only means that this is not the right time for me to meet him. Haay. 🙁

WAIT! I remember the guy who opened the gate because the delivery man came and knocked. I hope HE(The Guy) is the Mr. Right we’re talking about! Hahaha! I really like him! <333333 Though I don't know him yet, don't know his name and I don't even know if he already has a girlfriend or a wife?!?!? No!!! I just hope he's still single and waiting for me? Hahaha! : ))))) Fighting Spirit huh? LOL!

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