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As an ordinary working girl, it is difficult for me to travel from home to work. I need to wake up early, face pollution and get caught in traffic. It is really a big hassle when you commute. Commuters face this every day, either in going to school or to work. Much worse is when you encounter people or passengers who are the type of people that you do not want to be with. During rush hours, you have to run as fast as you could to catch up a train. You’re lucky if it is not that full yet but if not, you have to squeeze yourself inside and catch your breath. Another scenario is when you ride in a bus. You’re lucky if there are only few passengers so you can take a good seat. But if not, you have to stand and get stuck inside while you are on your way.
Isn’t it really hard for us, commuters? That is actually the reason why I want to get faxless payday loans so I can buy myself a car. If I have my own car, I do not have to worry about these worse scenarios anymore. I can travel from home to anywhere I go safely and comfortably with no hassle at all. Aside from that, I think I can save money more if I have a car than if I pay fares every time I ride a public vehicle. From now on, I will always look good every time I reach my destination. Say hello to hassle free travel.

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