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Last night was the first time I have watched Mellow Myx since the very last time and I guess that was a year ago. I love Myx ever since the day they were first broadcasted. Not just because I’m a music lover but I also love the concept of this music channel, all of their songs have lyrics on it so people won’t find difficulties in singing along with their songs. Mellow Myx is one of my most favorite shows in Myx. It plays love songs video/music which really suits me as well and hosted by VJ nikki gil also one of my favorite VJ’s. I swear she is really a good LOVE Adviser. I’m also thinking if she could help me with my LOVE Problem. Haha! JK. I just miss the original ones, VJ Luis, Heart and Ala. Anyway, whoever their VJ’s are, I will still love them!

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