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Personal Branding is like branding your self. When you have decided to create a business and want to name it on your own name then that’s what you call Personal Branding. It is very common nowadays, cosmetics, clothing line, shoes, etc. have companies or business names that follows the name of the owner.

Now if you have your name on your business or company, how can it affect your reputation and your business’ reputation? If people search you by name on Google, search results about your name and your business name will show up. What if there’s a page in there that talks about you the negative way? Or someone just said that you’re not trusted? How can you remove all these hatred pages that can ruin your name and your business name? That’s when we need Reputation.Com. It can definitely help you with this problem. You can also request for a free screenshot right now on how your results would appear if someone search your name on Google.

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