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A girl was having her tarots cards read and she was requested to ask some questions.

One of them was, “How can I be happy this Christmas?”

There are times when you want something but can’t have it. Many people feel exactly the same thing and most of the time, they yearn for many things. Everyone has wishes and some are granted, some not. If you believe in everything happening and existing for a reason, then it would be easier for you to accept the realities and challenges in life. Have you heard Christina Aguilera’s version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas?

Listen to it. Feel the Yuletide love. Think of everyone who’s been there for you through the best and worst times. Aren’t you lucky to have such wonderful people in your life?

Yes, you are. However, sometimes, we focus too much on the things we don’t have so when the holidays are supposed to cheer you up, you end up feeling empty, sad, and alone. Apparently, if this is so, you make your own life miserable when you should be out there doing the things you love, which would truly make you happy.

What do you want for Christmas? A new phone? A designer bag? A boyfriend? These are not difficult acquire. You may work to earn money for that phone and purse, or you can always ask your parents for such things. Now as for the boyfriend, that’s a challenge, unless you’re meant to have one now. Not having a boyfriend or being just friends with the guy you like could make any girl feel desperate and insecure. But do you really have to be in a romantic relationship to feel complete?

If you really feel that way, then it’s time we ease up your pain and suggest what you can do so that you’d have a merrier Christmas and lighten your heart a bit.

Stuff to do:

  • Go out. You only get lonelier when you’re all by yourself in your room.
  • Create snowmen and surround your front yard with them, if it’s filled with snow.
  • Make snow angels and go ice skating.
  • Join the carollers.
  • Watch a play.
  • Visit an orphanage or old people’s shelter. You have no idea how they’d be happy to have someone spend time with them, even if you’re not related.
  • Have SPA treatment, or go to the beauty parlor.
  • Party in someone else’s house.
  • Shop for things you’d give to your parents, siblings or friends.
  • Tag along with your family on a trip to a faraway place.

Whatever you do, don’t stay in all the time. Unless there’s a blizzard, you can always pamper yourself outside the house. You may not have a boyfriend this Christmas, but at least you’re having a good time. Most of all, be happy with what you have. As they say, If you want to get what you want, choose what you’ve got. Who knows, maybe next Christmas you’d be getting that kiss under the mistletoe after all.

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