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Representing the colors that are hot for 2013 is Teeny Girl Things at it’s sweetest mood. Trends do come and go but don’t you just love to wear them? In every wardrobe, there has to be some color to give it much spark. What better way to live it up if it isn’t with this year’s candy shades, orange hues, pale aqua tones and black-and-white monochromes

Hot Colors for 2016

Orange is color of the year. Last year one shade stood out and it was tangerine. Now it’s almost anything as long as you know how to rock it. If you can’t wear orange, you should learn how. The way to carry it perfectly is with grace and confidence. Nothing beats that at all.

Red comes next but let’s not wish for fire engines to come howling although that is inevitable. Red for 2013 may be hot, but it’s also a classic when you go rebellious and romantic. Don’t burn anything down though, or you’ll end up hearing the alarm.

Feeling covetous? Yes, you ought to be. If not, try these mouth-watering candy colors as they only not give you a sweet tooth but a cuddly, girlie, and warm feeling as well. The blushiest pinks, flamingo pinks, fuchsia pinks, candy cane red and white combos, orange flavors and aquatic dabs of blue.

Now that we’ve mentioned blue, it’s time to remind you how to wear it- like a boss having fun! It’s also a way to be swag and chic simultaneously without having to worry about how you look. Aqua blue has it’s specialty in making you glow especially when you look neat and happy. If not in a good mood, do wear it in layers. Girls need to cover up sometimes, do you agree?

Yet no matter what color you choose, remember you’re beautiful and It’s only right to wear the ones that suit you best. So chin up, Teeny! Go dress up now!

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