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Today is a very tiring day BUT a nice and happy day for me and my family, It’s because there’s a lot of things(good things) that came and happened. We went to Mount Carmellite, one of the miraculous church here in Villa because your wish might come true and it worked out for me! The proof? Well in my highschool days I made a wish to have an honor or award in my graduation and it was granted! BUT of course we should also do something in order for that wish to come true and keep a 100% Faith in God.

Ok, so back to the main topic, before we went there, I made a long petition prayer and all the things that I want to say to God was written there. Then, I drop it down in the petition box and I also left some money for a little donation. After that, wow! I think and I know that God already read my letter to him, the blessing that I wish for came so fast! I just smile and said to my mom that “God is really kind, I know he’ll do something to make us better and He won’t ever let us down. God is good.” I was really touched on what God did today, He gave me hope. Thanks to him. I Love you God! This is my best gift for Christmas. Thank you!

Just want to say that always keep your faith in God even though you think that there is no chance or solution, believe me God will make a way.

Merry Christmas Everyone! ΓΌ

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