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As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. That’s never more applicable than on the first date. For many ladies, choosing the perfect outfit can be the most stressful part of the dating scene. But there are a few key mistakes that women make time and time again when choosing their attire.

Here’s the top pre-date advice – provided by men and translated for women – that blokes would offer any girl before the big night.

Dress for the occasion

Whether you’re hitting a nightclub like The Ivy or going jet boating on the Harbour, the golden rule is to always match your clothes for the occasion.

If your date has organised for a day in the sunny Blue Mountains, chances are your partner enjoys bushwalking and the great outdoors. High heels and killer skirt will do little to impress in this scenario. Likewise, if your date has snagged a table at Quay for the occasion, jeans and sneakers show you haven’t put the effort in for such a stylish venue.

Ideally your first date will demonstrate if you and your partner share the right chemistry and similar interests. These are the sorts of things you can find out first, whether you met through a dating site like Jazzed or through friends.

It’s important to always pick an outfit in which you feel comfortable, fun and, above all, lets you join in on the day’s activities.

Don’t try too hard

Whatever ladies like to call it these days – the ‘natural look’, ‘fresh-faced’ – most men prefer women who don’t hide behind makeup. It might come as a shock, but a poll of 10,000 single men found 68 per cent preferred fresh-faced women rather than those plastered in makeup. The natural look is not only back in style, it’s also a lot less intimidating to the average bloke.

The same rule applies for clothing. Women have always been told the Little Black Dress will rule in any scenario, but there are some exceptions. If you’re going for some casual drinks at a pub, or lunch by the beach, opt for jeans, a top and an elegant cardigan.

Let gentle accessories and soft makeup enhance your features, instead of showing too much skin. When the sun is shining, try a cute dress with flats and a cardigan. If the chemistry is right, you’ll get the chance to show more skin later on.

Be confident

If you happen to have committed a fashion faux pas and over/under dressed for an occasion, this next rule is your guiding light. Whatever you’re wearing, guys like confidence.

Now don’t mistake this for arrogance or argumentativeness – there’s nothing worse than someone who starts shouting about politics over the first course of salmon. But girls who can express an opinion, show passion and be confident in themselves are the biggest turn on for most men.

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  1. Kamil

    Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it. Now It’s not that hard for me to choose the best outfit on my future dates. 🙂

  2. Sumi

    I can’t remember what I wore on my first date with the boyfie.. haha.. It’s been quite a while na rin. Anyway, I definitely agree with you. It’s more effective to dress simple and have a glowing natural look, than an overdressed one.

  3. Yani

    Three simple rules to follow. Direct to the point!

  4. MrsMartinez

    Hi there!

    These are great tips. Women these day should learn a lot from reading this.


  5. Trisha

    Oh nice layout here. Neat. 🙂 Nice advice din. Helped me 😀 Kahit not naman ako ganun ka “stylish” (?) but it is still great advice.

  6. Janine

    i remember the times when I am experiencing this stuff. dnt know what to wear. hehe.

  7. Aileen

    I believe that it really depends on how the girl carries herself. As they say, the best accessory = confidence 😀 Great tips!

  8. Lovelee

    Yup, for a girl, being confident is the most important for one to carry anything..themselves and the clothes. =)

  9. Jadey Sam

    OMG it’s been like forever since my first date but I agree with your tips. Never try too hard and always wear something that you are comfortable with.

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