Electric Engineer Careers

When we graduated in high school, all were asking for each others courses and plans because as much as possible we want to have the same school until college. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen all because most of my classmates had already stopped from studying and others went to different countries.

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Avon Lovely in Pink Cosmetics Review

Last week, I bought Avon Lovely in Pink Set, it includes:

1 40ml Lovely in Pink Deodorant
1 9ml Lovely in Pink Purse Concentre and
1 150g Lovely in Pink Luxurious Skin Softener

for only Php 299! It was on sale from the previous catalog of Avon though I’m not sure if it’s still included in the new Avon catalog.

Anyway, I’m going to write a review for each of them based from my 1 week experience. I used them for the first time so basically I’m not expecting anything before I bought them.

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