What type of Girl are you?

We are all born different right? In attitude, style, the way we speak, dress and the way we socialize. Being different to others make us a unique person. I remember, when I was young I tried so hard to be “that” girl. I love everything about her and I want to be exactly like her. But I failed, even how hard I try I can’t be like her and that’s simply because I’m not her. Yes, it’s okay to admire and be a fan of other girls but we should know our limitation. You may succeed at first but you’re just fooling yourself, you know deep inside your heart that you are not that kind of girl and you will end up being yourself again, the real you. And that’s based from my experience. 😀 How about you? Any experience just like mine? Care to share?

Now, this is for my online friends and readers. I want to know what kind and type of girl are you. I created a poll and asking you to vote. Just choose from the list, cast in your votes and also put your answers in your comment and tell us why or explain further.

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