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They are different peole from different countries but in the same Continent, Asia(South-east Asia). Just imagine these people are together in 1 place? What do you think will happen? Or should I say, Is it possible? Well for me, It is possible :laughing: simply because nothing is impossible right? 😀 but I guess it will never happen, I mean How can you survive if there are different people around you who can’t understand your language and can’t speak the same as yours? We all know that communication is very important right? Yes we can still use our body language, facial expressions and emotions to express our feelings but are they all enough? Well, this is just my opinion 🙂 you are free to express yours too and I’ll respect it. :yes:

Moving on to the main topic, “Asian Beauties”, Why do I decided to post this kind of topic? Because I’m just so lucky to be an Asian, I mean all of us Filipinos for sure. :cheering: I have noticed that most of the countries in South-east Asia have this “singkit eyes” or chinky eyes that other girls wish to have. 😉 Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and also Philippines huh? There are some filipinos who have chinky eyes right? :posh: These countries have the same faces because of their chinky eyes and sometimes its so hard for us to know and identify their nationalities because of their eyes and the way they speak. But still there are some differences like their accent in speaking, the way they dress and their writings/language. And the bottom-line of this topic is that all Asians are both beautiful and handsome! haha! :laughing:

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