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Actually don’t have any idea of what will be my next post. Just want to share this 5 things or my new year’s resolution? Maybe it’s not too late to post it right? haha :))

5 Things:

  • God – I want to become more religious although I do have faith in God, it’s just that I don’t usually go to church. My religion is Born Again-Christian but my parents are Catholic. Why? Too lazy to type. haha. I think by this time i am improving because we are now going to church every Sunday. yey! God is Good.
  • Healthy Diet – I admit it! I gain a lot of weight last month it’s because of being in the house all the time. Eating, Sleeping, then eat again. Waah! Hate it! But you know? I just love to eat foods. 😀 My mom is now giving me a warning about these issue. :))
  • 24 hours online – When I am addicted to something I won’t stop researching and surfing until I know everything! :love: :)) Facebook, Farmville, Pet Society, Super Junior, and even Blogging. I got addicted to these things resulting for me to not sleep early at night. Got exposed to radiation which is not good in our health but how can I force myself not to blog? :no
  • Sleep for 10 hours – Im an insomniac victim. XD! lolx. Do you? Is there any treatment or any solution for this? hays.
  • Be active in blogging world – but hey just for now I don’t have anything to post. WTH!

See! This is a very non-sense post. 😡 For the sake of updating. 🙂

Still open for LINK EXCHANGE 🙂 link ex?

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