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With so many people turning to the best online dating sites, it is difficult to gain any traction with your profile. People are picky to say the least, especially online. Some will skip over your profile if you are too tall, too short, use bad grammar or do not make enough money. People do what they can to get ahead in the online dating game, which often includes a subtle lie here and there.

Some of the most common things that people lie about when setting up their online profiles include:

  1. Height
    Research indicates that people tend to add an average of two inches to their actual height. Men under 5’8″ and women under 5’2″ are most likely to tell this particular fib.
  2. Income
    According to studies on the subject, people are generally about 20% less wealthy than they claim to be on their online dating profiles. In addition, it seems that the older the dater, the more exaggerated the income. The ability to still receive profile hits on an online dating site if you have little or no money slips away after about age 23, according to research.
  3. Profile Photo
    As a general rule, the more attractive the online dating profile photo, the older it is actually, with the average photo being at least three months old. Pictures that you might deem as “hot” were most likely taken over a year ago. As with income, the bigger fibbers are the older users, who tend to post the oldest pictures.
  4. Sexual Orientation
    Unfortunately, only about 23% of users listing their sexual preference to bisexual are actually interested in both men and women. Research shows that as much as 36% of bisexual users only send messages to female users, with 41% exclusively messaging men. The older a user is the more likely they are to declare themselves on the best dating sites as a homosexual.
  5. Age
    If you are experienced with online dating, you know that reducing your age to be under 30 will increase your likelihood to show up in more searches. Therefore, most people who claim to be 29 may actually be 35 to 50 years old.

In some situations online, it is harmless to misrepresent yourself. For example, no one will really care if your avatar on Halo 3 is much taller than you are in person, or if you are married but listed as single on flickr. However, online dating, where the primary operative is to meet someone in person eventually, creating a false impression is not optimal.

When you are completing your online dating profile, you must remember one thing. If you do connect with someone and decide to take things offline, he or she is going to find out that you are not that tall, not that thin and have aged considerably since your profile picture was taken. Therefore, if you are searching for a real commitment with your potential soul mate, then you should consider that when you set up your profile on the best Internet dating sites.

Dena White regularly blogs regarding best online dating sites.

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