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For me, wasn’t so good since it’s my first time experience. My friend decided to pick me up from my house so we went together to the place where our Prom was held. At first we were so shy to go inside because there are a lot of cameras, photographers and other students from different school who also celebrating their JS Prom. Before the Prom started we already got inside, yes we fought our fears. Haha. So the prom started with some introductions, songs, and cotillion which I wish I was there too. Sadly, I’m not because my school or should I say our DI or Dance Instructor has his own favorite dancer so every time there’s a contest for dance, he would recommend his favorite dancers, we hated him seriously. Anyways, I got 6 men to dance with me and my first dance was our salutatorian. He was only my friend, and we’re friends since 1st year high school that’s why no other reasons.

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