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There are only two things about texts: true and untrue. Whatever the situation is, it’s best if you keep things real.

17 Flirt-Texting Rules You Must Not Break

If you’re texting him first, do it at the right time. Send a text in the morning with a greeting. Don’t forget to indicate who you are.

If he gave you his number and said something like “do call or text”, you really should unless you don’t like him. But when a guy does that, it means he’d want to hear from you. The best text to type out could be something like “hey its (your name)…just texting so you’d have my number” That’s it. You’ve thrown the ball back into his court.

Keep everything light and fun. When texting a guy first, make it seem like you were just in the mood to do it. Have a funny story to mention or anything that’ll keep him interested. And if you’ll stop being nervous and sound like your likable self, he’d love to listen and probably forget you texted him first.

Don’t come up with more than two to three sentences in a text. Guys get easily confused and lose focus if you’re sending him a ten-sentence paragraph.

Don’t sound like you’re too interested. Wait for his reply before texting again so you won’t look desperate.

Invite him over just out of the blue. Whether you’re with your friends or all by yourself, beep him up and ask him out, especially if you know he’s a sucker for whatever you’re doing or having at the moment.

Don’t reply with “Nothing much” to “what’s up?” Instead, go for something like “nothing much today” when it’s a weekend or rest day. If you’ve been busy, don’t exactly mention the word “busy”, but do mention that you’ve been doing this and that only if it’s something fun and interesting.

Don’t send him texts you’d normally send to your girlfriends.

If he texts you an emoticon, send him an emoticon, too.

Don’t text every detail of your life, or everything you’ve been up to and every single problem you have.

Don’t reply as soon as you get his text, unless you’re officially together.

Don’t nag a guy about not texting. No guy finds it cute when you’re obsessing over him so enough of the “still there?”

Don’t drunk-text. You might regret what you see in your outbox the next day.
Never text late at night.

Do blow off booty texts. They come at past 9p.m., or at any time of the day when you least expect it and it says something like “Wanna come over to my place?”, or it reads like an instant date.

Don’t discuss serious and delicate matters through text because it’s easy for a guy to just dismiss what you have to say.

Never break up through text. Some jerks do it but you don’t have to be like them no matter whose fault it is.

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